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This week's Digital Queue includes A Digital Artist, the sixth part of our eight-part online Design series. Here, and in the next two installments, we profile large format designers. Look for full feature articles on the topic in the July print issue of Digital Output


[ Volume IX Issue 24 ]   [ June 15, 2007 ]

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A Digital Artist
Art has infused Fay Sirkis' life. "When I look at the world, I see one big painting," she says. Sirkis is never without a camera, ready to capture a scene and transform it into a piece of art. In years past Sirkis, whose background is in traditional fine art, would bring her creations to life under the noxious fumes of oil paints. Today, she uses Corel Painter X...more >>

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Putting Ads On Wheels
Christopher Dyson left the securities industry and life as a licensed broker, then jumped into the large format printing world. "I was struck one day with the thought that there was a great deal of wasted space on over-the-road trailers," notes Dyson. "At that point I began to investigate mobile advertising. This research led me to formally begin Ads On Wheels, Inc. in 2000 after spending nine months developing a business plan...more >>

Cutting Through the Clutter
We live in a multi-media world where consumers are bombarded with email, billboards, television, periodicals, and radio. Estimates are that the average consumer receives over 4,000 media impressions every day, and marketing executives face the challenge of cutting through the clutter and capturing the consumer's attention. Marketers are beginning to acknowledge that variable data solutions-also known as database-driven, personalized, relevant, or one-to-one marketing-are the answer for improving return on marketing dollars...more>>

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