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This week's Digital Queue includes Vinyl Media, the second part of our four-part series. Donít miss the next issue of Digital Queue, featuring an in-depth vinyl sign shop profile.

Also, look to our May print issue of Digital Output for a wrap-up of the 2007 International Sign Expo, held April 11-14 in Las Vegas. As a media partner with ISA, we're proud to work closely with their team in providing a fun and educational event. Shows like the International Sign Expo help graphic arts professionals stay in tune with the industry and keep their business profitability on track.   


[ Volume IX Issue 16 ]   [ April 20, 2007 ]

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Vinyl Media 
No matter the project, no matter the budget, there's a vinyl substrate to do the job beautifully. Vinyl substrates may seem "a dime, a dozen," with more than a hundred different variations of the substrate available, but there's good reason for the diverse product landscape: The uses and applications in demand in the wide format digital print market are equally as diverse...more >>

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Media Moguls
In the 1930s, DuPont boasted chemistry's life-enhancing benefits with its "better living through chemistry" slogan. The company later dropped the overtly chemical pitch, referring instead to science, but the truth still holds in life as in digital printing. Chemistry continues to evolve, and with it, the capabilities of large format print media...more >>

Searching for a Solution 
The great bastion of commercial printers remains a largely undeveloped market for the suppliers of digital printing technology. This may seem a remarkable fact given the extraordinary advances. Demand is high, the tools are available, and the time for adaptation is marching forward. The Hewlett-Packard (HP) Indigo press was introduced nearly 15 years ago...more >>

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 industry news  > Capture  > Creation  > Output  > Finishing  

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Green Fabrics from 3P - Media & Substrates

Flag of Remembrance Fabric Donated by 3P - Media & Substrates

IJ Technologies Manufactures New Canvas - Media & Substrates

Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 3 Design Premium - Software

Adobe Unleashes Creative Suite 3 Product Line - Software

Plastiprint, Inc. Introduces SuperCling LTR Vinyl - Media & Substrates

GMG ColorProof Receives IDEAlliance SWOP & GRACoL Certification - Color

New Wide Format LAN Scanner Improves Bottom Line - Scanning

Graphical Systems Releases New Version of Software - Digital Printing



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