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This week's Digital Queue includes Media Moguls, part three of our four-part series on Media Trends. Look for full feature articles on the topic in the April and May issues of Digital Output.

[ Volume IX Issue 12 ]   [ March 23, 2007 ]

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Media Moguls
One of globalization's well-publicized impacts has been the off-shoring of manufacturing to Asia-among other regions-where labor costs are low and the regulatory environment is loose to non-existent. The same forces that drove down the price of a DVD player to under $20 have also brought wide format printing media prices down dramatically...more >>

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Grand Ambition
While some traditional print advertising media tremble at the rise of the Internet, one advertising medium appears positively jubilant-outdoor. "It is the second fastest growing form of advertising behind the Internet," says Stephen Freitas, CMO, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc. (OAAA). In terms of revenue, the industry grew eight percent in 2006 and OAAA estimates that outdoor advertising will be a $10 billion business within the next five years...more >> 

Embracing Electronic Signage 
The demand for digital signage appears to be on the rise, and innovative sign shops are seeing it as a way to grow sales and respond to customers' evolving marketing needs. Digital signage has been around for years, but recently, advances in viewing systems have made it a practical, sharp, and effective media alternative for sign shop customers who, not long ago, only budgeted for print...more >>

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