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This week's Digital Queue includes Better Printing Through Chemistry, part one of our four-part series on Media Trends. Look for the full feature article in the April 2007 issue of Digital Output.

[ Volume IX Issue 10 ]   [ March 9, 2007 ]

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Better Printing Through Chemistry
In the 1930s DuPont boasted of the life-enhancing benefits of chemistry with its "better living through chemistry" slogan. The company later dropped the overtly chemical pitch, referring instead to science, but the truth still holds in life as in digital printing. Chemistry continues to evolve, and with it, the capabilities of wide format print media...more >>

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Grand Ambition
While some traditional print advertising media tremble at the rise of the Internet, one advertising medium appears positively jubilant-outdoor."It is the second fastest growing form of advertising behind the Internet," says Stephen Freitas, CMO, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc. (OAAA). In terms of revenue, the industry grew eight percent in 2006 and OAAA estimates that outdoor advertising will be a $10 billion business within the next five years...more >> 

Rolling with Vehicle Wraps 
Vehicle wraps are the marketer's choice for establishing brand identity cost-effectively. Mobile advertising has flowered into a tool of choice thanks to advancements in software, media, and hardware. "Roughly 40 percent of our business is vehicle wraps-this figure has increased over the years considerably," notes Rolando Villasenor, art director, Modern Image Signworks. The CA-based company is internationally known for a body of work that includes logos and graphics for The Fast and The Furious...more >>

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