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This week's Digital Queue includes Transforming to Digital, the first part of our exclusive editorial series on Profiting in the Digital Marketplace. Look for three more installments in the Digital Queue , as well as a feature article in the November issue of Digital Output.

[ Volume VIII Issue 31 ]   [ September 15, 2006 ]

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Transforming to Digital
Digital has maneuvered its way into many areas of print. Primarily, it has found a foothold in three groups --screen printers producing digital output, commercial printers adding wide format to their offerings, and traditional sign shops using digital technologies...more >>


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Finding a Target Market
A target market is described as the type of customers your business attracts, either by circumstance or design. When I talk with graphic communications service providers and ask, "Who are your customers? Who will buy your products and services?," I am often surprised that otherwise savvy business people either have no specific customers identified or their market is, "any print job that comes in the door." ...more >> 

The Earth Moved and Few Noticed
At this year's international graphic arts show, IPEX, a seismic shift was seen, heard, and felt by many, but overlooked perhaps by many more. The extraordinary change was that printing and office imaging has converged at a new level. While graphic input in the printing and office imaging industries-text and images, color, design, and data storage-had intersected many years ago, production of each sector remained essentially apart...more >>

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 industry news  > Capture  > Creation  > Output  > Finishing  

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