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This week's Digital Queue includes The Art of Textile Printing, the fourth and final part in our exclusive editorial series on Fabric Signage. Look for our full feature article in the September 2006 issue of Digital Output, which will include additional print shop profiles.

[ Volume VIII Issue 22 ]   [ July 14,  2006 ]

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The Art of Textile Printing
"We've always listened to our market, to our customers," ICL Imaging's sales and marketing manager, Bill Smith explains. "If they don't ask for it, we don't go out and buy it. So, when they started coming to us, saying, 'Hey, we'd love to print on some of this beautiful fabric we're seeing. Can you guys do that?,' we knew it was something to look into."...more >>

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Directions in Large Format
Living in Boston as I do, I look forward to Spring more than any other time of year for a couple of reasons. The warm weather gives us Bostonians a chance to play golf, root for the Red Sox, and, at my house, do some Spring cleaning. Every year we pull out what we have gathered over the year to decide if we want to keep it. It is a reassessment of sorts and is very cathartic-what do we keep and what do we let go?...more >> 

Large Format Viewpoint
Throughout the large format market, there is constant discussion on software, hardware, ink, and media trends. For our annual Large Format Viewpoint, we have asked various industry leaders to share their thoughts on the development of the large format market, which we categorize as 24-inch products and higher...more >>

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