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This week's Digital Queue includes That's a Wrap, the fourth and final part of our exclusive editorial series on Building Wraps. Here, we explore an exciting application installed at the LosAngeles Convention Center. Look for a full feature article on Building Wraps in the July 2006 issue of Digital Output.

[ Volume VIII Issue 15 ]   [ May 26,  2006 ]

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That's a Wrap
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles is notorious for drawing immense crowds of video gamers and intense graphics of both the printed and virtual variety. To catch the eyes of those swarming gamers, sometimes small video screens won't cut it. That's why Microsoft decided to go big with The Big Print, LLC and create a 120x40-foot building wrap to adorn the exterior of the Los Angeles convention center and hype their forthcoming Gears of War video game...more >>

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Variable Opportunities 
Variable data printing (VDP), is now a viable solution for anyone with a marketing message and a database. Innovation and advances in digital print systems, especially the software which drives their VDP capabilities, delivers solutions more versatile, affordable, and user-friendly than those available a few years ago. Whether one wants to cater the message and attendant images to the recipient's unique profile and interests, implement a cross-media personalized marketing campaign, or establish a Web portal for customized communications and marketing materials, VDP may have the answer...more >> 

What You Might Not Know About Pressure-Sensitive Laminates
How many times have we heard that pressure-sensitive or cold laminates are too expensive to use when compared to thermal laminates? When you look at the actual costs of thermal laminates as well as differences in application and performance issues, this assumption doesn't necessarily stand up-particularly when laminating vinyl-based products or water-based inkjet media...more >>


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