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This week's Digital Queue includes Unwrapping Profits, the second part in a four-part exclusive editorial series on Building Wraps. Here, we explore the profit potential and the requirements. Look for two more installments on the topic, as well as our full feature article in the July 2006 issue of Digital Output.

[ Volume VIII Issue 13 ]   [ April 28,  2006 ]

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Unwrapping Profits: Is There Money to be Made in Building Wraps?
Building wraps are notorious for delivering an eyeful for advertisers, but do they deliver eye-popping results for your bottom line? The short answer: yes. Of course, there’s a caveat. Proper execution and an intimate understanding of your client’s needs are essential; experience doesn’t hurt either. The key to making money on building wraps is not selling sheer square footage, but selling a service, notes Marco Perez, assistant marketing manager, Point Imaging. There are multiple elements to a building wrap beyond simple production. ...more >>


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The Full Package: A Look at Digitally Printed Packaging 
Digital print technologies have profoundly changed the way consumer packages are conceptualized, created, and proofed. But is the packaging industry ready for digital print to replace traditional press technologies, such as offset and flexography? Print industry veterans may laugh at the notion that digital print may one day be the technology of choice to produce consumer packaging. Then again, many people in this industry once neglected the ideas of computer-to-plate (CTP) imaging, film-less workflows, and soft proofing. Just look how essential these technologies are to the printing process today . ...more >> 

Working Smart, Not Long: The Importance of Time Management
In a recent article by Stever Robbins, a Harvard Business School graduate, suggests that the time has come to change American work ethos towards working smarter, not longer. Many have wondered why other western countries seem to get along just fine, even though they work far less than we do. Having worked with many European companies in this industry for years, we are forever amazed that in most of Western Europe there are mandatory rules for four to six weeks of vacation and more public holidays than we have here in the States. ...more >>

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VUTEk: First Environmentally Friendly Solvent Ink for SuperWide Print – Inks


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