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This week's Digital Queue includes The Art and Science of Color Management, the  fourth and final part of our Color Management series. Here, we outline the steps a shop needs to take to color-calibrate. Look for our full feature article in the May 2006 issue of Digital Output.

[ Volume VIII Issue 10]   [ March 24,  2006 ]

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The Art and Science of Color Management
First the good news: the tools for achieving a color managed workflow are getting easier to use and more sophisticated. Now, the not-so-good news: implementing color management is not a simple process that can be completed once and forgotten about. It requires constant attention, intervention, and yes, practice. Your labor will be rewarded however with fewer re-dos, improved efficiency, and above all, satisfied customers...more >>

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Solvent As an Option
Wide format solvent printers open doors in the printing world; the largest-outdoor applications. These machines sell in increasing numbers, and many new vendors are appearing. Solvent inks contain pigment in a carrier fluid with resin to adhere to the media. The solvent carrier then evaporates with the help of a heated drying process. The resulting state-of-the-art output created with solvent technology is weatherproof, fade-proof, and stands up to the harshest outdoor environment...more>>  

Studies in Grand Format
Grand format systems give suppliers of digital output a lucrative service opportunity to explore and exploit, delivering oversized prints, showcasing what's achievable with digital print technology. Each grand format project can also be a proving ground for these digital print providers, as they meet the multiple challenges of creating and installing attention-grabbing graphics, on an extremely large scale...more >>

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New Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper - Media & Substrates 

Canon's New DR-1210C Scanning Solution - Scanning        

Seal Introduces Heat-Assist Wide Format Laminator - Finishing               

Creative Banner Assemblies Introduces Image A-Frame - Finishing            

Esker Releases New Version of End-to-End - Document Management    


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