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This week's Digital Queue includes Making Media Work For You, the fourth and final part in our series on wide format media and substrates. Here, we explore the options, advice, and opinions of end users of large format media. Look for our full feature article in the April 2006 issue of Digital Output.

[ Volume VIII Issue 6 ]   [ February 17, 2006 ]

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Making Media Work For You
In this final part of our Queue Series on Media & Substrates, we see how choosing the right media for a job is as much an art as a science, at least according to printers and fine artists. "You develop a sense of what media will accentuate the work," states Andy Wood, co-founder/CEO of fine art reproduction company, Squirt Printing, LLC...more >>

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Digital Dynamics 
There is truly an abundance of riches for those shopping for a high-end digital camera. Professional photographers have long prized the single lens reflex (SLR) camera for its flexibility, speed, and generous assortment of lenses. Now, as digital SLRs (d-SLRs) sink below the $1,000 price mark and widen the prospective consumer base for these cameras, the competition among camera makers has become intense, which means the buyer wins...more >> 

The New Age of Printing  
Companies that are successful at developing a communications plan to acquire and retain customers are generally those that have discovered the value of integration-that is, combining different communication methods into a single cohesive mix. There is no one ideal communications channel that optimizes reach, frequency, message focus, target specificity, and cost effectiveness...more >>

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Pantone Releases 125 New Specialty Colors - Color

Sun Chemical Introduces Streamline Inkjet Inks - Inks    

Crane & Co. Announces Launch of Silver Rag - Media & Substrates         

GBC and Canon Partner to Enhance Multifunction Devices - Finishing          

Oracal USA Announces New Reflective Colors - Media & Substrates  

Introducing New Mark Bric MultiMaster - Finishing


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