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This week's Digital Queue includes Media Relations, part three of our four-part series on wide format media and substrates. Here, we explore the primary manufacturers and they share with us their various products. Look for one more installment in an upcoming Digital Queue, as well as our full feature article in the April 2006 issue of Digital Output.

[ Volume VIII Issue 5 ]   [ February 10, 2006 ]

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Media Relations
There is a distinctly unsubtle rivalry between universal media makers and those who produce and sell media primarily to support their own printers. Yet for all their competitive differences, there is unanimity on one issue -- not all papers are created, or marketed, equally. Differences in coating, chemistry, and consistency, not to mention the technical data available on each specific media, all serve to differentiate media suppliers and their growing portfolios...more >>

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Living Large 
More and more professional photographers, from wedding, to commercial, to fine art, have switched to digital capture and output for various reasons. Some love the added creativity they've acquired, while others are happy with the savings reaped in time and money. But perhaps the one thing they all agree on is the amount of control they've gained over their work, particularly when it comes to printing large images...more >> 

A Message For the Print Market  
Why do large companies find a need to buy smaller companies? And, what is occurring in larger companies that seems to prevent them from achieving the innovations and agile management of dynamic smaller companies? ...more >>

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