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This week's Digital Queue includes Making the Media Marriage,  part two in our four-part series on wide format media and substrates. Here, we discuss individual substrates and the equipment they partner with. Look for two more installments in upcoming Digital Queues , as well as our full feature article in the April 2006 issue of Digital Output.

[ Volume VIII Issue 4 ]   [ February 3, 2006 ]

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Making the Media Marriage
A good match is everything when it comes to media purchasing. While the purchase of a wide format digital printer narrows your ink options, there is still a staggering variety of media to choose from. It is important to properly align your media purchase with your printer and desired output ...more >>


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Transforming Images, Art, and Documents 
Once a guaranteed profit center for any provider of digital imaging solutions, demand for scanning services has undergone some significant changes in recent years. The size of the market, long term outlook, and opportunities for growth depend on who you ask and where their core business lies ...more >> 

Lighting it Up  
If you’ve traveled through an airport concourse or shopping mall recently, you’ve probably seen backlit signs pitching everything from home sites to dental services. Take a step outside and you’ll see that these signs are becoming increasingly popular among shop owners for exterior signage as well—providing day and night visibility and visual impact that’s hard to beat ...more >>


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Kodak's Business Building Solutions - Digital Printing

Raster Printers Introduces RP-720UVX - Wide Format Printing   

X-Rite to Acquire Amazys Holding AG - Digital Printing       

Xeikon Introduces IPDS Controller - Digital Printing         

HP Premieres First Postcard-to-Billboard Portfolio - Wide Format Printing


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