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MACtac Worldwide Awards

North American Results Are In

By Alexis Golini

The MACtac Worldwide Awards, which take place every two years, "highlight outstanding visual communication projects" produced with MACtac pressure sensitive films. After the success of the European editions, MACtac opened the competition to the whole world. The contest is now available to all parties, from advertising agencies to printers, who are involved in the creation of beautiful and useful signage with MACtac solutions.

This year’s North American MACtac Worldwide Awards were judged March 2–5, 2006 at the Sarasota Helmsley Sand Castle in Sarasota, Florida. Four main categories were created for the competition, Vehicle Graphics, Exterior Signs, Interior Signs, and Technical Achievement. From truck graphics to interior museum signage, the best of the best was submitted to this year’s competition. The judges, a panel comprised of industry experts, take key criteria into account as they evaluate entries in each of the four categories—Creativity, Impact, and Technique.

The winners were announced at the 60th Annual International Sign Expo, held in Orlando, Florida, April 5–8. Winners in each category, per territory, won an expense-paid intercontinental trip for two. Regional first place winners were awarded a weekend trip for two in the contest territory.

In total, MACtac Worldwide Awards 2006 received more than 1,000 graphics application entries. One winner was named in each of the four categories for North America. In addition, the contest named first, second, and third place winners for each of the regions in the North American territory—Canada, Mexico, and U.S. The other regions—Europe and Asia/Pacific—will each have four category winners. Those results will be announced at a later date.

North American Category Winners

Technical Achievement
Dynamic Digital, Wilmington, NC
Application: Motorcycle Wrap
Project Description: A motorcycle was completely wrapped with vinyl in an elaborate design, presenting a technical challenge due to its extreme curves, complex body, and red graphics. The images were printed on IMAGin digital media and finished with Permacolor cast clear overlaminate.

Exterior Signs
CSI, Falls Church, VA
Application: Amusement Park Ride Signage
Project Description: A color-popping, architecturally-unique sign was created for Paramount King’s Dominion Park to promote the Taxi Jam Coaster. MACtac’s IMAGin digital media and Permacolor overlaminates were used to produce the graphic.

Interior Signs
Coyne Photography,
Minneapolis, MN
Application: Holocaust Memories
Project Description: This 35-foot-high public art project based on family album photographs of Holocaust survivors and Nazi resisters is installed at the University of Minnesota’s Elmer L. Andersen Library. 12 life-size, hauntingly serene photos are mounted on windows as transparencies and reflect on the library walls and floors. Optical light projection with limited glare was a prime requirement for this application and Permacolor provided the solution.

Vehicle Graphics
Digigraphica, Mexico City, Mexico
Application: J&B Scotch Wrap
Project Description: A vehicle wrap was created on MACfleet material for a Hummer, resulting in an excellent, blended integration of logo elements.


Regional North American Winners

Canada 1st Place
Digital Imaging Solutions, Etobicoke, Ontario
Application: G5 Promotional Signage
Project Description: Effective large format photo prints, using IMAGin vinyl films, were created for a building wrap on brick.

Canada 2nd Place
North American General, Brampton, Ontario
Application: Hedley Creative Zen Tour Bus
Project Description: The design on this bus took several applicators over 40 hours to apply. IMAGin provided high gloss and durability to the project.

Canada 3rd Place
Photonix Imaging, Toronto, Ontario
Application: Myoglobin Holograms; On display at the Toronto Optical Science Centre
Project Description: Two molecular images produced for The University of Toronto had to be produced on completely flat optically clear vinyl that was rotated 90 degrees to the polarity of a laser beam. The customer chose Permatrans, and it worked perfectly.

Mexico 1st Place
Vizcaya Comunicacion, Durango, Mexico
Application: Stained-Glass-Look Window Graphics
Project Description: 25 interior graphics were designed for mounting to windows at a private residence. The mixing and layering of MACmark’s transparent marking film proved a successful alternative to stained glass.

Mexico 2nd Place
Ventas Y Promociones SA, Mexico City, Mexico
Application: Window Décor Symbols Project Description: MACmark frosted decorative glass marking film was an economical and effective solution to create over 60 artistic patterns for this window signage.

Mexico 3rd Place
Vizcaya Comunicacion, Durango, Mexico
Application: Stained-Glass Window Panels
Project Description: Four paneled windows in a private home were decorated with MACmark and Glass Décor to achieve an elegant stained-glass look.

United States 1st Place
Robin Imaging, Cincinnati, OH
Application: Pope John Paul II Traveling Exhibit
Project Description: This exhibit celebrates the life of Pope John Paul II and his contributions to relations between the Catholic and Jewish faiths. Postcards were enlarged to 86-inch images and overlaminated with MACtac’s Permacolor. Because the exhibit will travel for four years, durability was a key factor in product selection.

United States 2nd Place
Color Correct Photo Labs, Provo, UT
Application: Virtual Skylights in MRI
Project Description: MRI suite graphics on electroluminescent panels that simulate a skylight help ease a patient’s stress during an MRI. The ten-foot round image is overlaminated with Permacolor and will be in place at the Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, MD for seven years.

United States 3rd Place
Large Format Digital, Madison, WI
Application: Saturn Vehicle Wrap
Project Description: This vehicle wrap is a solid example of good advertising using a lot of color in a technically sound application. IMAGin provided the color and clarity to make this car stand out.

May2006, Digital Output

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