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Just Vision It Offers Unique Creations


By Cassandra Balentine


Digital technologies enable on demand print opportunities that are out of reach with traditional methods. Fabric applications represent a growing market, ideal for creating samples and shorter runs of everything from banners to furniture upholstery.


Based just outside of Kansas City, MO, Just Vision It, LLC produces custom-made home décor and apparel, which are often private labeled for its customers. The company primarily serves U.S.-based clientele, but has shipped its products worldwide, notably to Australia and the U.K.


The print provider produces everything from bedding to wall art, rugs, and even maxi dresses. To produce its range of service offerings, Just Vision It utilizes several digital dye-sublimation (dye-sub) printers as well as heat transfer machines. Its digital wide format technology extends to nearly ten feet. Additionally, the company uses eco-friendly, water-based technology—safe for even baby products. Committed to quality products, John Whitt, director of business development, Just Vision It, adds that, “once the fabric is specially dyed, it will not fade or wash away.”


Its custom fabric offerings include bedding, towels, rugs, shower curtains, skirts, sports jerseys, dresses, leggings, crib sets, baby bumpers, baby blankets, and baby pillows. In addition to its digital dye-sub work, the company employs solvent printers for items such as wall murals, banners, and flags.


Digital Beginnings

Since its inception last year, Just Vision It utilizes digital technology as its core foundation. With it, it creates any digital design onto fabric. “We can create nearly any design and implement it onto a variety of products, unlike the traditional decorating method such as screen printing and embroidery, dye-sub has no limitations or restrictions on the amount of colors or stitch counts used in the design,” says Whitt.


With a client’s idea, the company utilizes the benefits of digital print technology with its skills in both production and sewing; to turn visions into reality. Just Vision It’s customer base is largely made up of small- to mid-sized companies that want to offer their own line of clothing or décor, but don’t have the same buying power as their larger competitors. “We have no minimums. To have their own line, all a customer needs to do is come to us and we can sew and design what they want,” says Whitt. He explains that this option is especially important for up-and-coming designers as well as smaller retail stores that want to offer, custom lines of products.


In addition to its print operation, the company offers extensive sewing capabilities. Along with current offerings that include skirts, dresses, and leggings, Just Vision It is always expanding, and plans to soon add scarf and tunic top products to the mix. Whitt explains that these are just base designs that can be tailored for each customer. “Our sewing department is very good,” he adds. “We can have a sample out—from start to finish—in under a week. We really want to put a strong effort into being a fully U.S.-based manufacturer.”


Just Vision It finds the quality of digital dye-sub exceptional. Whitt explains that while it is often asked to produce patterns as simple as chevron, it may just as well be a photograph. He adds that the challenges mainly involve the decision whether to sew and then print, or to print and then sew.


The typical process includes a simple submission of artwork to Just Vision It—design services are available as well. For a common application, such as a pillow, the artwork is pre-flighted, printed, specially dyed into the subject, and sewn into the pillow.


Part of the company’s appeal is its ease of use. It works with the clientele on customization, and then enables easy online ordering once they are in the system. Once are set up online at, wholesale customers can log in to re-order designs, which are then drop shipped directly to customers.


Textiles on Demand

With just under a year under its belt, Just Vision It is helping many of its clients offer custom clothing and décor lines with no minimum order. With wide format digital dye-sub technology, it provides high-quality results with fast turnarounds and low quantities.

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