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By Melissa Donovan


Part 2 of 2


The first part of this series reflects on the benefits of wide format print-and-cut devices in label creation. It serves two markets—consumer and industrial—with each attracted to short-run, personalization capabilities. Here, we share some of the newest wide format printers/cutters used for label printing and finishing.


Wide Format Print-and-Cut Devices

Colorific Solutions Ltd. just announced its first print-and-cut device, the UV640PC. The 64-inch printer is based on a Roland VS640i chassis and utilizes Colorific’s UV Light inks. Ideal for stickers, decals, and vehicle markings, the device reaches resolutions up to 1,440 dpi in high-quality mode.


GCC highlights its JC-240E printer/cutter. It features two different modes to finish a label job. One offers print-and-cut capabilities simultaneously, as it cuts immediately after print in an unattended mode. The second process is print-to-cut with an automatic aligning system function. The user may laminate a print after it is completed and then cut the labels after. The JC-240E is bundled with FlexiPRINT DX – GCC Edition RIP software.


Graphics One (GO), LLC provides the EcoColor PC36, a 36-inch eco-solvent printer/cutter. The device accurately contour cuts images and prints using Epson piezo electric printheads to provide high-resolution images with fast cutting speed. It is powered by GO Print-and-Cut software. EcoColor eco-solvent ink offers low printer maintenance and enhances a printer’s printhead lifespan and durability. The EcoColor PC36 is available for $11,995 directly from GO. In April 2014, GO announced the new GO X-24 printer/cutter unit, with a list price of $9,495 for the device, along with its eco-solvent ink at $39 per 220cc cartridge.


Mimaki USA, Inc.’s CJV30 Series of printer/cutters are used for label creation. Four models are available—CJV30-60, CJV30-100, CJV30-130, and CJV30-160-—with the first preferable for labels and decals. In particular, the CJV30-60 offers a maximum printer/cutter width of 24 inches at an MSRP of $11,995. The device boasts simple operation, variable dot printing, a three way heater, crop mark detection, mark sensor function, half cut function, and white ink capabilities.


Roland DGA Corporation offers both UV LED and eco-solvent printer/cutters for label production. The printers are equipped with specialty inks to offer a true customization for label output. For example, the eco-solvent models include white and metallic, whereas the UV devices include clear and white. Advanced ink circulation systems minimize maintenance time, which translates to lessened downtime. The printer/cutters are bundled with VersaWorks RIP software, offering features such as enhanced image quality, media profiles, and Pantone spot color libraries. Roland offers nine printer/cutter models in all with price points starting under $8,500.


Summa, Inc. recently announced the new 54-inch DC5 and 30-inch DC5sx thermal transfer printer/cutters. The process of thermal printing provides up to five years outdoor durability without lamination. The devices also print opaque white and black onto clear materials. In addition, Summa’s thermal transfer ribbons are available in an assortment of spot colors that can print in metallic finishes, specialty hues, and holographic effects. The printer/cutters are powered by ColorControl 8, the latest version of Summa's PostScript 3 compatible RIP software.


Label Orders Up

It is important to note that while print-and-cut devices are convenient for label production, they may not always be the best fit for a specific shop. “For those whose business has grown to higher production tiers, it simply makes more sense to have separate printing and cutting capabilities so that the printer can run non-stop print jobs and not be tied up with cutting tasks,” explains Royce Owen, director of marketing, Summa.


A number of wide format printers are available to output labels. These graphics can then be run on a separate finishing device, whether a roll plotter or flatbed router/cutter. Implementing a digital narrow format label press-—many include finishing inline-—is another possibility. It depends on the size of the shop and the level of label orders coming in through the door.


For the less experienced print provider, or the one looking to carefully step into label production, a printer/cutter is ideal. Offering the combination of high-quality graphics, specialty effects, automated finishing, small footprint, and a low price point are several reasons to consider a wide format print-and-cut device.


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