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Magnets4media Creates Unique Output


By Katrina Ceruolo


Applications printed on magnetic material are easy to change out, making them ideal for temporary displays.  Print service providers (PSPs) create bumper stickers, business cards, direct mail inserts, and vehicle signage with magnetic media, offering customers a unique way to promote their businesses and products. Washington, MO-based Magnets4media, a division of Magnet LLC, part of The Magnet Group, offers a range of magnetic output for customers every day.


Inside Magnets4media
The Magnets4media division of Magnet LLC began in 2003, focusing on a reseller market separate from the parent company’s advertising specialties industry. Producing work in an 80,000 square foot facility the in-house sales team has a large support system.


“Our sales team is comprised of seven hard working employees who just happen to be all women. It is supported by The Magnet Group’s marketing and production staff, bringing our total team up to over 250 people,” says Alissa Baker, VP of sales, Magnets4media.


The PSP notes that approximately 60 percent of its printed output is digital, running presses constantly seven days a week. The shop produces magnetic applications not only for continental U.S. customers, but also for those in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In addition to digital presses, Magnets4media utilizes offset, flexography, and screenprinting machinery.


Unique Promotional Output
Many interesting magnetic promotional materials are offered by the PSP in any shape, size, or thickness. It produces direct mail postcards that are easily visible in mailboxes, with attached magnets that experience a long shelf life on refrigerators. The PSP manufactures double-sided magnets and magnets with unique substrates such as corrugated, chalkboard, holographic, and glow-in-the-dark.


Baker believes that magnets are ideal for promotional materials for many marketing needs.


“Magnets are creative branding premiums that are innovative, nostalgic, informative, and always readily available. America loves magnets. So long as the kitchen is the gathering place in the home, magnets will always be front and center. Magnets can easily be inserted into mailing programs, invoices, magazines, and newspapers. They can be manufactured to work well with machine-fed systems for large insertion programs. They can be used outdoors as moving billboards on cars. They are almost never thrown away and don’t take up valuable desk or drawer space. Their placement on refrigerators, cars, or cabinets ensures that they are seen repeatedly by many persons, which multiplies your message delivery dramatically,” shares Baker. 


The Magnets4media team’s ability to create bold and interesting magnetic output with longevity has made the PSP a go-to shop for unique magnetic needs from both big and small companies worldwide.


American Vintage Brewing Company
Chicago, IL-based American Brewing Company contacted a distributor of Magnets4media in February 2013 to produce brand awareness materials for its new line of hard tea, American Vintage Hard Tea. The brewing company placed an initial order of 36,000 magnets that would showcase the company’s logo and an image of a retro waitress with a tray full of the company’s branded bottles.


The hard tea magnets were designed for indoor use and printed on a digital press. The design was printed onto a special paper substrate that was adhered to the magnetic material and coated to give the image a glossy finish. The finished 20-millimeter thick magnets were die cut with a rounded edge and specially packed for shipping per the brewing company’s instructions. The process took less than seven days from order to finished product.


American Vintage Brewing Company was so pleased with the finished magnets that it ordered an additional 27,500 pieces in June.


Political Activism
Also in February, an order was placed through a distributor of Magnets4media to create 5,000 outdoor bumper sticker-style magnets to sell in convenience stores to encourage political activism regarding firearm legislation. 


Four designs were chosen for the magnets including Declaration of Independence visuals and an American flag background. The designs were digitally printed onto vinyl with UV resistant ink and then adhered to magnetic sheets and specially coated with a laminate for its intended outdoor use.


The finished magnet was 30 millimeters thick. This project included special packaging requirements such as adhering a customer-supplied sticker on the back of each magnet, including a specified number of each version of the magnets into a pack, placing another customer-supplied sticker onto each pack, and putting 24 packs into a box for shipment.

Pleased with the finished products, the customer placed two additional orders in March for 5,700 and 23,000 pieces. Another order was processed in April for 14,000. Production time for this project was approximately two weeks.


A Bright Future
Baker sees the popularity of magnets only increasing, due to affordability and effectiveness as promotional materials.


“As marketers continue to search for advertising messages that deliver response, magnets will always remain a key player. The tremendous shelf life a magnet can bring for an advertiser supports its low cost per impression, maintaining consistent return on investment. America’s ongoing romance with magnets is not showing any signs of slowing down, as we have added significant capacity to meet the increase in demand,” she says.


Creating an excellent product that keeps customers returning to the PSP for more ensures that Magnets4media will continue to thrive and lead the way in the emergence of magnetic marketing tools.

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