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Traditional or Unconventional, Which is Right for You?

Display System Options

By Katrina Ceruolo


Looking past the graphic, large format prints may require display and finishing hardware. Options include banner stands, frames, standoffs, and mounting tools. When to use a particular piece of hardware depends on the environment and installer’s experience level. Here, we look at available hardware options.


Displays and Banner Stands

One common way to showcase a digitally printed graphic is with a banner stand system.


Drytac Corporation offers a comprehensive line of retractable banner stands, which includes five core products—Banner Bug, The Boost, Retractable II, GrandStand, and EZex. All feature sleek, modern designs; are easy to assemble; keep graphics flat and straight; are available in various widths; and compatible with a number of accessories. These products are well suited for environments including retail sign programs, in-store promotions, and trade shows.


The company’s goal is to provide customers with innovative solutions for creating effective and visually appealing displays. “Customers who purchase our stands have varying display needs but typically want to showcase their graphics so they stand out from the crowd. Retailers and those in the exhibition industry are key players to consider,” explains Victoria Doucet, marketing communications director, Drytac.


EXPOGO Displays & Graphics offers a variety of traditional banner stands. Panel systems and tabletop displays, in addition to pop ups, are also part of its portfolio. The company sells primarily through its national dealer network, with its products used in trade shows, showrooms, special store and mall presentations, and one-on-one presentations.


Expolinc Corporation’s Panel Base and Magnet Frame are often found in retail locations and showrooms. Panel Base—a floor-standing double-sided display system—maintains rigid board materials up to .75 inches in a secure hold. After a quick and simple installation, the panel stands straight and steady. Panel Base is also used as the base for Magnet Frame. Magnet Frame assembles and anchors swiftly to Panel Base. The stand requires no drilling, as the foot’s grip and synthetic rubber feet secure the base and protect the floor from damage.


Expolinc products are available for purchase through resellers and used in a variety of ways. “Expolinc designs and manufactures all of our systems. We offer them through a network that includes large format printers, exhibit houses, point of purchase (POP) companies, agencies, and print brokers. At Expolinc, we say anywhere people congregate is an opportunity to use display structures,” says Michael Kurilec, managing director, Expolinc.


LexJet Corporation offers two new updates to its traditional banner stand line. Giant Mosquito Retractable Banner Stand is 35.5 inches wide with an adjustable graphic height of 68 to 122 inches. The banner stand features an anodized silver heavy-duty base and includes a bag to contain the stand when traveling. Its other offering is the Quickstand. This retractable banner stand is 31.5 inches wide and 78.5 inches high. It is made of light and durable plastic and also includes a carrying case. All banner stand models are available directly through LexJet’s Web site.


Dione Metnick, product line manager, LexJet, recognizes that customer needs factor into choosing the correct display option. “LexJet assesses what finishing format to recommend to our customers by asking a lot of questions, including what size image do they want to display? Where will it be displayed? What is the budget? Will the graphic need to be changed out? Is a warranty on the hardware important? Will the display be part of a larger display,” she says.


Sign Zone, Inc. supplies multiple traditional banner stands. Its Economy Retractable portfolio includes six models—Start, Freedom, Retractor 4, Retractor 5, Quickwall, and Quickstand. Quickwall is a configuration of three banner stands showcasing one large graphic. Available in anodized silver or black, each Quickwall stand is 31.5x78.5 inches and features a snap top graphic rail. The Quickstand, also available in anodized silver or black and in the same dimensions, features a snap top graphic rail, a swivel-out foot, and a Lumina 12-C banner stand light. All Sign Zone products are available through wholesalers and distributors.


The company envisions more untraditional display hardware in the future. “Many of our products have evolved to adapt to new substrates, media, and finishing styles. With the explosion of fabric graphics, we’ve developed new displays to handle this popular substrate. We employ local designers and utilize the creative minds of our internal staff to produce innovative products, which contribute to the addition of 40 to 60 new products every year,” shares Jim Siesennop, director of sourcing and new product development, Sign Zone.


Framing Systems and Pop Ups

An alternative to traditional banner stands are framing systems and pop-up displays, which can incorporate various types of substrates.


Alpina Manufacturing LLC manufactures the Banner Grip frame, which stretches banner material to any size for a tight and clean finish with patented aluminum alloy clamps with interlocking teeth that grip onto the banner, which will not tear or pierce it. The clamps eliminate droops or wrinkles. The Banner Grip frame can be used indoors or outdoors and is made of high-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The frame ships in 60- to 80-inch sections and can be quickly assembled on site. The Banner Grip frame is available directly through the company, distributors, or wholesalers.


The Banner Grip frame is ideal for an assortment of display needs. “The frames accept any finishing format. Anywhere large format banners need to be displayed, whether in or outdoors, Banner Grip is an outstanding solution,” notes Darius Augustine, GM, Alpina.


Most of North America Display Corporation’s display systems, including its fabric tension pop-up products are used indoors. With the portability and light weight these stands offer, they can be set up by anyone, eliminating the need to invest in a certified installer. Recently, the company added a line of display kits to its Web site that allows its resellers to offer clients a turnkey solution.


Tension fabric products and pop-up displays are one part of Orbus Company’s product line, which also consists of traditional banner stands and portable displays. Recently it updated its Hopup line of back wall displays, which are now lighter and feature a smaller footprint. Sold through distributors across the U.S., Orbus does not sell its hardware directly to end users, but will work to match them up with a distributor and achieve the desired product.


“Customers request custom finishing based on their hardware. We ask that this hardware be sent in for our review and aid in finishing. We will then review the optimal finishing details and suggested material with the client before processing the order,” explains Jessica Horn, marketing coordinator, Orbus.


Paradigm Display Solutions’ most popular pop-up display is its ten-foot curved Fabrilyte Tubular. It is available in six- and ten-foot widths as well as curved and straight styles. The six-foot model also serves as a tabletop display. Fabrilyte is lightweight, quick and easy to setup, portable, and can sustain long-term storage. Graphics are printed on a heavy-duty fabric material, which stretches over the aluminum frame. The Fabrilyte Tubular display is available directly through Paradigm for $845.


Paradigm takes a personal interest in the displays its products will be a part of. “When customers call in, we try to ask questions regarding budget, where they want to use the display, the frequency of use, who will be setting it up, and how frequently they will need to change the content of their message. It is always interesting to see what is promoted. We service a range of customers from a yoga instructor, an author needing something to use at book signings, to an international insurance company requiring tools for its agents,” shares Mary Geesman, display sales, Paradigm.


Ideal for both retail and commercial applications, the Verde fastframe kit from Verde fastframe Inc. includes four frame corners, four frame panels, one flexible graphic panel with a non-visible beading option, and a promotional DVD and brochure. Optional accessories include frame lengtheners from four to 12 inches, 2x2.5-inch support lengtheners, 1.25-inch thick and 13.5-inch long t-connectors, two-inch thick corner brackets, support corners for joining two frames, a 3.5x 9x20-inch v-stand base for support, black or green non-visible sewn insert beading available in custom sizes, and black visible non-sew insert beading also available in custom sizes.


Tony Rubino, president, Verde fastframe, assures that the fastframe kit is suitable for many environments. “It delivers a cost effective and simple way to display communications in any environment. The Verde fastframe display and signage system has many applications such as in-store signage, hanging mobile signage, banner stand displays, retail wayfinding, outdoor event signage, large format wall displays, décor wall displays, trade show displays, and art exhibit displays,” he says.


VKF Renzel USA Corp.’s aluminum snap frames are available in three profile widths—one-, 1.25-, and 1.75-inch. In addition to standard sizes, the company offers custom configurations. “We enjoy thinking outside the box in order to use our standard products in custom ways,” explains Marc Tacke, business development manager, VKF.


Working alongside its customers, VKF helps them find innovative solutions to unique finishing challenges. When asked to recommend hardware for a particular project, it discusses the printing substrate, site of application, and how often the graphic will be changed out. Then, it is able to deduce the correct finishing equipment for the application.


VKF’s products, which in addition to snap frames include traditional banner stands and holders, are available through distributors, wholesalers, and direct.


Mounting Tools and Standoffs

Mounting tools and standoffs present another ideal finishing option.


ClearPath Signage Systems, a division of Rowmark LLC, offers a widespread line of standoffs, mounting fixtures, rod and cable systems for suspended signage, in-stock sign mounting frames, and desk and wall plate holders. ClearPath continuously updates its sign supplies and mounting products based on customer demand and industry trends, and plans to release a variety of new products later this year.


New to the ClearPath product line is the Fisso Three, Four, and Six, which are square standoffs made from high-quality die cast metal or iron and available in packs of four priced at $17.36 a pack. The Fisso PixQuick, a 5.8x8.3-inch clear polycarbonate, is ideal for quickly and easily changing information on wall or glass mounted signage and pricing begins at $32.06. ClearPath’s Digi IX Bond panel connectors create three-dimensional structures and are available in a range of 60 to 180 degrees. These anodized aluminum connectors may be used indoors or outdoors and are priced starting at $11.34.


ClearPath also offers ColorHues, a UV stable cell cast acrylic signage material that is scratch resistant with high-impact strength that is laser, router, Braille, and rotary engraveable. ColorHues are available in 25 opaque and translucent colors. It is used as a substrate or accessory for architectural signage, tactile signage, and other interior design projects. Pricing for ColorHues begins at $56.28. All ClearPath signage systems are available directly through the company’s online store.


Jessica Heldman-Beck, marketing manager, Rowmark, shares that ClearPath is suitable for multiple end uses. “ClearPath products serve a variety of markets and meet the needs of many different applications and environments, including signmaking, POP, commercial construction, office, fashion, high-traffic areas, museums, hospitals, schools, and universities. ClearPath sign supplies can even be used for at-home projects, such as mounting a mirror in a bathroom or displaying photography. The list goes on and on,” she says.


Gyford Productions, LLC supplies a variety of finishing options. Its product lines include standoffs and rod and wire suspension systems. The newest addition is WL-Rod & Wire, a rod and wire suspension system designed around 1/4-inch rod and 3/64-inch wire. It is ideal for small signage, lightweight applications, and shelving.


The manufacturer introduced updates to its standoff line with square standoff grippers. Gyford’s grippers are designed to mount directly to a surface and are available in 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2-, and 3/4-inch models to provide strength for differentiating material thicknesses. Customers can order the grippers in an assortment of colors and finishes to complement many design needs.


The company also created a shelf hub for its wire product lines that permits an uninterrupted wire to pass through hardware and shelving material, such as glass, acrylic, or wood. The shelf hub creates simple, sturdy, and functional shelving.


Gyford products are available through a distinct ordering method. “We design and manufacture all of our products in our facility in Reno, NV. Large quantities are kept in stock and ready to ship same day. Since the products are used by many industries, it makes it difficult for us to use distributors. As the manufacturer, we choose to sell our products direct to business-to-business companies at wholesale prices. If an end user looks to purchase our product, we direct them to an appropriate reseller,” says Lauren Lake, marketing coordinator, Gyford.


While ImageOne Impact offers traditional banner stands, it is constantly offering new, unique products. Its BannerTrak system is used to hang banners perfectly straight. It also offers finishing brackets for corrugate plastic and clear grommets for finishing banner media. The clear grommets disappear when a banner is hung with them.

ImageOne’s products are available through authorized distributors. Dave Harris, VP/GM, ImageOne, encourages sign and graphics companies to turn toward finishing components to complete the job.


“Shops often get excited about getting the print job and often forget or choose not to ask the further questions on finishing,” he shares. One simple question—how are you going to hang it—saves the buyer time and trouble.


Metomic Corporation supplies a variety of cap and standoff options to customers. Available in polished chrome or brushed anodized aluminum, the caps and standoffs come in a range of sizes, from 3/8- to 1.5-inch diameters. Prices for these caps and standoffs begin at $1.10 and reach $10.08 depending on style and size. All products are available directly through Metomic.


Pizazz International Limited offers standoffs used in finishing digitally printed displays. It recently introduced its Hybrid Range of products, which are available from distributors throughout North America.


According to David Pountney, president, Pizazz, all commercial environments in the business-to-business space are ideal for standoff usage, including retail, showroom, and office areas.


Traditional or Unconventional

Today’s industry design trends incorporate multiple options for finishing and displaying graphics. Savvy print providers understand that offering services beyond the printed graphic are an additional way of captivating customers.


Some may choose to take the traditional route with a classic banner stand, while others might mount displays to glass or drywall utilizing standoffs. The possibility of creating a quick and clean display with a framing system is also attractive for certain environments.


There are endless possibilities to choose from, ensuring the best fit for each end user’s need.


Oct2013, Digital Output

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