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Cutting a Path to Success

2XL Imaging Serves Unique Design Needs

By Katrina Ceruolo

Whether roll-fed or flatbed, automated routers and cutters are important finishing tools for print service providers (PSPs). Ideal for creating clean finishes on rigid substrates such as corrugated board, PVC panels, plastics, and foam board; these machines allow for new and different shapes for packages and displays.


2XL Imaging works with these tools and materials every day. Steve Scharfstein, president, and his two sons, Brian and Kevin, began the business in January 2009. Today, it is home to ten employees in a 15,000 square foot building in Union, NJ.


The three men built the business with two used Mutoh America, Inc. solvent printers, a Neschen Americas’ Seal laminator, and a Summa, Inc. cutter.


“We started from scratch, just basic knowledge and learned as we hit roadblocks. Sourcing the right product for the right application, market pricing, determining the most profitable market segment, and what equipment was needed to produce the volume we were shooting for were all lessons,” recalls Scharfstein.


A prepress person was quickly added to the staff. Shortly after, Scharfstein noticed the business would require a few more additions. “The equipment we had would not get us the volume and kind of work we were shooting for,” he says.


In March 2010 the PSP made its first big investment and purchased a EFI VUTEk QS3200 UV-curable 3.2-meter flatbed printer with a white ink option. The new equipment brought more business to the company, causing Scharfstein to recognize the need for an automated cutter. He made the decision to invest in the Esko Kongsberg XP24 table with i-cut Vision Pro.


The combination of the EFI VUTEk QS3200 and the Kongsberg XP24 was a success, causing 2XL Imaging’s portfolio to expand even more. In December 2011 it purchased a Durst Image Technology US LLC Rho 900 UV inkjet printer and in March 2012 another Kongsberg XP24 cutting table with i-cut Vision Pro was added. In October 2012 a 3.2-meter EFI VUTEk GS3250 was brought in.


Unique Jobs and Materials

2XL Imaging focuses on medium, wide, and grand format projects. The employees pay close attention to their work, ensuring eye-catching color and image quality. The PSP takes pride in turning jobs around in a timely and affordable fashion.


The two Kongsberg XP24s assist in this, cutting 99 percent of the media and running for 12 to16 hours a day. With the amount of finishing these cutters perform, durability is important.


The cutters also help the PSP to stay affordably on task. “We find using the table provides the speed and consistency needed to finish the work printed off our wide format devices. We enjoy the economy of printing on large sheets and the ease of finishing using the Esko table,” he explains.


Media versatility is also a factor. 2XL Imaging offers short-run store displays, sample packing, standard posters, banners, and short-run boxes using acrylics to corrugated materials. “With the ability to cut and rout we have not come across a project that Esko devices could not help us finish,” remarks Scharfstein.


A Display Calling

Recently, 2XL Imaging was contacted by IDT Telecom, a retail and wholesale telecommunications service that produces prepaid and rechargeable calling cards and wholesale carrier services. IDT Telecom needed a display for calling cards for its client Boss Revolution. These displays were to be featured at 7-Eleven stores.


For cardholders the PSP printed on one-eighth-of-an-inch thick white acrylic in 4x8-foot sheets with the Durst Rho 900. These 4x8-foot sheets were cut into 24x24-inch squares on a Kongsberg XP24. Holes were drilled into the sheets to create pegboards for hanging calling card packages.


IDT Telecom also requested an outdoor A-Frame display for Boss Revolution. The PSP custom made 200 from six millimeter white PVC. The graphic was printed using the Durst Rho 900. Custom legs were cut and holes were drilled for a handle. They were assembled, packaged, and shipped in complete A-frame form. The PSP used its Kongsberg XP24 to cut a specially designed box to package and ship.


The entire order was executed in under a week from the time of the original project request.


Expansion Continues

Providing print services for many in the NJ Tri-State area, the quickness and quality of 2XL Imaging’s work creates an even larger customer base for this developing company. With the increasing flow of new customers and projects, it seems making more hardware additions is not too far off.


Apr2013, Digital Output

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