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By Cassandra Balentine


Part 1 of 2


Signage is all about presentation. In addition to impressive, high-quality output, print service providers (PSPs) look to different framing and mounting solutions to complement graphics. Depending on the application, display systems are selected to best suit the environment. While often an afterthought, display systems affect the final look and often protect a wide format graphic.



For presentation purposes, many wide format graphics use framing systems.


Alpina Manufacturing, LLC offers its Banner Grip frame for wide and large format graphics. It is designed to stretch any size banner material to a drum-tight finish for a perfect appearance. Only raw edge banners are required, banners with grommets, pole sockets, or hemmed edges are stretchable. Banners are stretched using patented aluminum alloy clamps with interlocking teeth that grip onto the banner but do not tear or pierce. The clamps tighten to stretch out the banner perfectly, leaving no sags or wrinkles.


Hang-Ups Unlimited provides a range of framing and display products for the graphic arts, including the Reel E-Z sign display system, sidewalk signs, window signs, and HoldOns.


Innova Digital Art offers its JetMaster Display System, a die-cut adhesive coated board that is attached to a print and then folded into a gallery wrap display. Prints can be on canvas, matte papers, lightweight photo papers, or other flexible media with the ability to wrap. A 24.75x20.75-inch print can be attached to a frame that folds to a 16x20-inch frame. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $129.90 for a box of ten frames. Online print utility, templates, and video instructions are available through Innova’s Web site.


Additionally, Innova’s JetMaster Direct Print System is a die-cut adhesive coated board designed for printing with UV flatbed printers. Available in two frame sizes—20x30 and 16x20 inches—these frames are printed and then folded into a gallery wrap with no tools or special training required. The MSRP for 20x30-inch is $155 for a box of ten frames and the 16x20-inch option features an MSRP of $91.80 for a box of ten frames. The products are available in a smooth or canvas textured finish.


IT Supplies offers a variety of size options from its in-house brand, Simply Elegant Pro Wrap Systems. Products include 12x16-inch frames, which list for $16.14; 20x30-inch frames, which list for $28.74; and 30x40-inch frames, which list for $40.32. Also, the company’s Simply Elegant Gallery Wrap Standard are sold in eight bar sets in sizes eight, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, and 36 inches.


ProEDGE manufacturers and holds the U.S. patent for the fastframe system. It consists of a precision mitering tool, special high-tech metal look-a-like edging, metal wall hanging brackets, glue, and all other accessories and supplies that empower finishing departments to fabricate custom frames. The ProEDGE mitering tool is available in three models—wall mount, desktop, and standalone. Starter kits, including the precision mitering tool, begin at $1,500. High-tech edging is available in six different sizes, which fit most graphic arts substrates. It is available in 13 color choices, including new brushed aluminum, brushed brass, and brown burl wood. Custom sizes and colors are also available. The ProEDGE fastframe system is available directly through ProEDGE or 17 worldwide distributors.


Standzall Display Systems’ display stands are used for media press walls, signs, scenery flats, trade show booths, and lattices and dividers. The heavy base plate and adjustable uprights hold any object up two inches thick—the ST-1 model, or up to four-inches thick—the ST-2 model. Other models are available for larger applications.


SwingFrame Mfg. manufactures, designs, and distributes a variety of standard and custom-built frames and displays. Its range of visual merchandising, visual communication, corporate, retail, store fixture, point of purchase, and exhibit and trade show display products include patented changeable displays, graphic frames, sign holders, display stands, changeable letter board, and enclosed bulletin board displays, shadowboxes, light boxes, and poster display racks.


Verde Systems Inc.’s FastFrame is an innovative signage system engineered for quick and easy assembly. Additionally, it can be used repeatedly. Made with reclaimed materials and shipped in a light, compact carton, the Verde FastFrame provides users with a “greener” way to display a message.


The VersaFrame Modular Display System from CPI Technologies, Inc. provides aluminum frame channels, acrylic panes, and mounting hardware necessary to display a collection of pictures on a wall. The company’s Single, Double, and Triple Pane frames allow users to get creative regarding framing.


Walls+Forms, Inc. provides a range of solutions for temporary and permanent framing needs. The Wall + Forms 2-Way Frame is the latest member of the company’s Euro Sign Family. Each side of the 2-Way Frame easily opens to accept signage. Also, the 4-Way Frame creates a four-sided suspended store display without breaking the budget. With two simple screws at each corner, the 4-Way Frame is assembled quickly and easily without special tools or installation crews.



An alternative to framing systems, standoffs extenuate graphics for display in galleries, lobbies, and retail environments.


E.L. Hatton Sales Co.’s Banner Ups products allow users to create strong banners instantly as an alternative to grommets. According to the company, Banner Ups, PowerTabs, and EdgeTabs are stronger than grommets because they spread the stress of high winds over a much larger area. The company reports that banners made with Banner Ups withstand sustained wind tunnel tests of 50 to 70 miles per hour.


Gyford Productions LLC’s StandOffs product line consists of caps, barrels, edge grips, 4-way hubs, grippers, and fixed hinges machined from aircraft-grade aluminum or #316 stainless steel. They are designed to hold signs, architectural panels, glass panels, banners, photographs, artwork, and other materials at a predetermined distance from the surface upon which they are mounted. Graphics can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or as needed.


Pizazz International Limited offers two standoff ranges, monoŸmounts and multiŸmounts. monoŸmounts are a two-part standoff system—with an optional extra third part—designed for panel mounting installations. monoŸmounts are ideal for use with graphics printed directly onto substrates such as acrylic, foamboard, foam, and PVC.


multiŸmounts are a patented three-part system—with an optional extra fourth part—designed for graphic display application, where graphics are secured between a back and front panel. multiŸmounts’ unique functionality provides easy, fast, and safe graphic changes.


monoŸmounts and multiŸmounts are available in four material options—aluminum, brass, hybrid, and resin. Prices vary according to selected material.


Sign Bracket Store provides sign standoffs that transform ordinary signage into designer statements. The company’s standoff sign mounting hardware is an easy way to elevate the quality of any sign installation. Aluminum sign standoffs are durable enough to last for the lifetime of the sign. Sign Bracket Store’s sign mounting hardware supports panels up to three-fourths-of-an-inch thick. The standoffs are offered in a variety of sizes to fit most projects. Size standoff kits include wall screw stud, which screws into the wall; standoff, which screws over the stud; and cap, which screws over the display board.


VKF Renzel USA Corp. offers tamperproof sign standoffs, stainless steel standoffs, waterproof, and hidden sign standoffs. According to the company, no matter what the size or material of the sign, these sign standoffs can be used for almost any application. Most standoffs require holes drilled into the sign panel, border and corner sign standoffs do not.


For larger signs VKF Renzel suggests using spacers to provide the sign with the highest stability possible.



In addition to framing and standoff hardware, magnetic technology offers a unique option for displaying wide format graphics.


Visual Magnetics’ Visual Magnetics Graphic System utilizes three basing components, providing a display solution for wide format graphics. To install, the ActiveWall primer and the InvisiLock roll and sheet magnet act as a fixture/mounting component for output printed on the company’s MagnaMadia micro-iron coated print media. For example, if a mural is created the wall is primed with latex-based ActiveWall primer that contains iron particles that allow the flexible magnet InvisiLock to attract to the wall surface. The magnet works even if the primer is coated with up to six coats of interior latex or oil-based paint of any color. Once the magnet is in place, graphics printed on MagnaMedia can be rolled and changed out easily.


The cost of the magnet and media is variable, as the magnet is available in 30- and 40-mil thick versions. High energy or standard energy, white or black, MagnaMedia ranges from an economical synthetic paper up to a 30-mil thick Jute Fabric.


Drytac Corporation is one distributor of the Visual Magnetics Graphic System


Classy Display

Print service providers invest in framing, standoff, and mounting solutions to help customers proudly and neatly display graphics. Graphic display solutions are available to serve different needs depending on final installation requirements. The next part of this series focuses on the benefits of framing and mounting systems with insight from manufacturers and an end user. 

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