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The Art of Reproduction


Wide Format Capture in Design


By Katrina Ceruolo


Part 2 of 2


While wide format scanners are regularly used in archiving, they are also beneficial to the fine art community. Museums reproduce works of art using wide format scanners. Artists and gallery owners recreate work for profit, offering scanned artwork at a reduced price. Here, we feature new and popular models available for art reproduction.


New and Popular Models

Canon Solutions America, Inc. offers the CS4300 series, with the CS4336 proving to be a prevalent model for art reproduction. This 36-inch scanner produces color scans at three feet per minute (fpm) and B&W scans at 59 fpm with an optical resolution of 600x600 dpi. The use of CCD technology offers interpolated optical resolution of 1,200 dpi and a Q Smart Card update provides 9,600 dpi. The Energy Star certified CS4336 requires no warm up time and features power saving operations. It is capable of scanning originals up to 15 millimeters thick and is compatible with the Océ Copy Easy software. Models in the CS4300 series range from $11,600 to $30,000.


Contex A/S’ HD Ultra series is the company’s most notable art reproduction device. The 36-inch scanner is available in the i3650s and i3690s models. This color and monochrome scanner provides an optical resolution of 1,200x1,200 dpi. The HD Ultra series is Energy Star compliant, features 0.1 percent scan accuracy, and scans original materials up to 15 millimeters thick. At 200 dpi in color the i3650s scans at four inches per second (in/s) while the i3690s scans at eight in/s. Data capture for the HD Ultra series is 48-bit color and 16-bit monochrome. All models utilize 48-bit charge coupled device (CCD) technology; Contex Natural Light with a high color rendering index; X-Rite technology for color accuracy; custom Fujifilm lenses; and AdobeRGB, DeviceRGB, and sRGB to enable various color space possibilities. The HD Ultra series is compatible with Contex’s recently updated Next Image software, which helps restore poor original image quality.


Cruse Digital Imaging Equipment debuts three models with new features. “We redesigned our scan head and incorporated it with our new professional color management profiling system,” says Mike Lind, owner, Reprographic Designs, the U.S dealer of Cruse scanners.


The Cruse Portal Scanner scans up to 80x120 inches with an optical resolution of 600 dpi. It is ideal for delicate and valuable originals. The Cruse Wall Scanner is a portable scanner designed to scan large paintings and hanging tapestries that cannot be moved. At 300 dpi the Cruse Wall Scanner scans originals of at least ten by 15 feet. The Cruse ST Scanner with LED Lighting is an update of the company’s Synchron Table (ST) line. It utilizes an LED lighting system that scans at ten times faster than Cruse’s original ST models. Current Cruse STs can be fitted with the new LED lighting system, which is also found on the Cruse Portal Scanner.


The KIP 2300 utilizes bright white LED lights for maximum illumination, accounting for 600x600 dpi. TruSpeed Technology image data transfer of 2.38 GB per second ensures no slowdowns or pauses. The scanner captures B&W images at five to 15 images per second (ips) and color images at two to six ips. Real time thresh holding technology (RTT) is implemented on the KIP 2300 as well as customizable resolution settings—72 dpi for the Web and computer monitors and 300 dpi for offset print work. Users scan materials either face up or down, ranging from loose thin paper to thick mounted originals.


Newly Scan’s Scanera TopFace PRO is a 23-inch scanner that captures original materials up to four inches deep, with the ability to scan 3D objects from fine art, food, textiles, and catalogs to features such as shadows, wood grains, and brush strokes. It provides 24-bit color and B&W scans with an optical resolution of 400 dpi. The Scanera TopFace PRO features four image enhancement effects and 16 enhancement settings that allow for improved scanning of obscure originals. It is equipped with Scanera Eyes software for high-speed viewing and editing of scans.


Paradigm Imaging Group, Inc.  now distributes the Kurabo K-IS-A1FW flatbed scanner. The 36-inch device is ideal for scanning fine, textiles, and fragile original materials. It is an Arch-D size color scanner. In the 400 dpi high-speed mode an image is scanned in 2.1 in/s. The flatbed scanner features an optical resolution of 400x400 dpi with a maximum resolution of 800x800 dpi. Users can adjust the resolution in one dpi increments ranging from 50 to 800 dpi. It is available through Paradigm for $49,500.


The Art of Reproduction

Art reproduction is a steady industry for wide format scanners. With the introduction of new models and legacy devices receiving color profiling updates, LED lighting, 3D techniques, and portability options there is no limit to fine art reproduction.  


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