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By Katrina Ceruolo


Part 1 of 2


Wide format scanners serve many industries. One popular use is archiving. Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) businesses require digital records of blueprints, line drawings, and computer aided drawings (CAD). Geographical information services (GIS) archive maps. Museums, offices, and government businesses keep delicate and historical documents. To serve the needs of each of these markets, wide format scanners adopt advanced feature sets that protect originals, pick up minute details, and prepare documents for archival. Here we present popular and updated features on scanners.


Scanners to Consider

The Canon Solutions America, Inc. (CSA) 36-inch TC4, requiring no warm up time, scans at 16.4 feet per minute (fpm) in B&W and 13 fpm in color. The scan accuracy of the TC4 is 0.1 percent and the optical resolution is 600x600 dpi. It applies Océ Direct Scan technology, which is a single camera and single mirror—an inventive light source that ensures consistent scans. It is also available in the TC4XT model, which allows scanning from original materials as thick as .60 inches, while the TC4 allows for originals as thick as .12 inches. The TC4 model is available for $7,995 and the TC4XT model is priced at $9,495.


Another popular archiving model CSA offers is the CS4236. The 36-inch scanner is ideal for CAD and GIS. It utilizes CIS technology and offers an optical resolution of 1,200x1,200 dpi. The Energy Star efficient CS4236 requires no warm up time and in the 400 dpi turbo mode produces color scans at five fpm and B&W scans at 24 fpm. Users create scans face up. The CS4236 model is available through Océ for $9,600.


The CS4236 downloads the Océ Copy Easy software to aid in creating the best possible scan quality. “Océ Copy Easy software features quick-and-easy controls for scanning and managing scanned documents,” says Maree Joyce, product manager of wide format printing systems, CSA.


Contex A/S introduces its MFP2GO series. Available in four models—IQ 24, IQ 44, SD 36, and HD 42—the numbers signify the highest width available for scans. The IQ and HD provide an optical resolution of 1,200x1,200 dpi while the SD features an optical resolution of 600x600 dpi. For color scans the IQ and SD yield 1.5 inches per second (in/s) and the HD scans in two in/s. The IQ and SD scan originals up to two millimeters (mm) thick while the HD scans originals as thick as 15 mm. The Energy Star compliant MFP2GO series boosts a 0.1 percent accuracy rate, 48-bit color data capture, and 16-bit monochrome data capture. Plug-and-play devices, they don’t require a computer or additional software to run and allow scan to copy, email, USB, FTP, network, or tablet configuration.


“These are complete multifunction products (MFPs) that come with an integrated controller to turn any large format Hewlett-Packard (HP), Canon, and coming soon Epson technical printer into a full-feature MFP device. Designed with simplicity in mind, plug in the power cord and printer cable, turn it on, and you are ready to go,” explains Steve Blanken, GM, Contex Americas.


The HP Designjet T2300 is a 36-inch scanner ideal for AEC. With contact image sensor (CIS) technology scans are crisp and quick with 1.5 seconds per inch for color scans at 200 dpi and 4.5 seconds per inch for B&W scans at 200 dpi. Optical resolution is 600x600 dpi. Users scan directly from the HP Designjet T2300 to computers, cloud-based libraries, FTP, and email.


With the on-the-go AEC professional in mind the HP Designjet T2300 is compatible with the HP Designjet ePrint & Share service. “Files scanned to the cloud library and FTP sites are accessed and printed remotely on mobile devices through the free Web service,” notes Eric DuPaul, Americas Designjet business development manager, HP.


Image Access Inc.’s WideTEK 25-600 is a compact 25-inch flatbed scanner used for newspapers, maps, photos, and bound materials. It provides both 24-bit color and B&W scans at 17.7x25 inches with an optical resolution of 1,200x600 dpi and a sensor resolution of 45,600 pixels. Users scan without to close the lid, which leads to an estimate of 2,000 scans per shift. Scanning speed is 4.5 in/s for 300 dpi and 8.6 seconds for 600 in/s. The WideTEK 25-600 is Energy Star efficient with an LED light source that provides an estimated lamp life of 50,000 hours of scanning. It captures materials as thin as silk paper and as thick as cardboard. The scanner is equipped with auto focus, auto crop, auto page separation, and deskews.


The WideTEK 25-600 is also Scan2Pad compliant. “We introduced Scan2Pad to enable mobile scanning with an Apple iPad or Android device from any Image Access scanner. Users operate the scanner with a tablet, scan documents, and store them on the tablet—all in one step,” informs Steve Andrikut, North American business development manager, Image Access.


The WideTEK 36C is Image Access’s most popular model. It is a unique 36-inch scanner that allows for double-sided 24-bit color and B&W scanning, ideal for maps and newspapers as well as AEC work and large photos. The WideTEK 36C features an optical resolution of 1,200x600 dpi and a scan speed of 4.5 seconds for 300 dpi and 2.1 seconds for 600 dpi. Similar to the WideTEK 25-600 the device requires no warm up time and is Energy Star efficient with LED lights and 50,000 hours of scan time. The WideTEK 36C is also Scan2Pad compatible. It runs on a straight paper path, which prevents skewing, stitching, and paper jams. A walkup scanner, it requires no additional computers or software.


The KIP 720 is designed for archival needs. The 36-inch device provides both 24-bit color and B&W scans. It employs CIS technology, which provides high-resolution, high-speed image capture. Energy Star compatible, the KIP 720 is compact and portable. When scanning at 300 dpi the KIP 720 produces five inches per second (ips) for B&W scans and two ips for color scans.


Paradigm Imaging Group, Inc. distributes Colortrac’s SmartLF SC 42 series. This 42-inch color and monochrome scanner features an optical resolution of 1,200x1,200 dpi and a maximum resolution of 9,600 dpi. It scans original materials face up as thick as two millimeters. The SmartLF SC 42 captures 16-bit monochrome and 48-bit color data. Monochrome images scan at 13 in/s while color images scan between three and six in/s.


The Energy Star qualified SmartLF SC 42 requires no warm up and runs on SingleSensor digital imaging technology. “SingleSensor provides a higher optical quality, larger color gamut, and improved match between sensors, in addition to lower power consumption,” notes Jane Napolitano, marketing manager, Paradigm.


Scan to Store

With technology advances such as transportable devices and the ability to scan to cloud and tablets, the use of wide format scanners for AEC, GIS, and other archival work is proving to be faster and easier than ever before. The next article in this two-part series focuses on another popular use of wide format scanners—fine art capture.

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