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The Introduction of Non-Traditional Display Hardware


Progressions in Banner Stand Design


By Katrina Ceruolo


Classic banner stands display material horizontally or vertically between two bars. These traditional options are commonly seen at trade shows and in point of purchase (POP). However, they now appear in unexpected places. The increase of these sightings is due to modifications in banner stand design.


Innovation in non-traditional displays assists companies with advancements in advertising. “Non-traditional displays grew out of the need for traditional products to do more for the customer. Customers demand portability, durability, ease of use, and choice in size and type of graphic,” shares Wayne Colbath, national sales manager, Southern U.S., Drytac Corporation. Manufacturers continually introduce new designs for non-traditional displays, influencing companies’ messages.


Real World Sightings

Non-traditional display options take this type of hardware out of the trade show arena. “Banner stands now finding their way into airports, grocery stores, and shopping malls. Any place a visual communication is needed is an opportunity for display hardware. Displays are great silent salespeople,” states Colbath. 


Non-traditional display hardware is seen at weddings, car dealerships, photography studios, and hotel lobbies. Mary Geesman, display product manager, Paradigm Display Solutions, recalls the use of its Fabrilyte display at a job fair as well as the VersaStand model aiding a family with a memorial service.


Real estate agents take advantage of non-traditional displays to generate focus on new homes. With popular brochure holder models information about a potential house or apartment is easily displayed. “A good example is the Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor, which is a double-sided display with support feet and a resilient support pole for added stability. It’s designed to resist wind and weather and can be used on almost any surface including sand, grass, asphalt, and even snow,” says Dione Metnick, product line manager, LexJet Corporation. The company distributes Expand products and offers its own line as well.


“I believe we will start seeing these stands in movies, music videos, even rock concerts for accentuating scenes and themes. I also believe they will be used in airplanes and passenger cruise ships like never before,” explains Dave Harris, VP/GM, ImageOne Impact.


Fabric as the New Material of Choice

As seen in many designs, fabric is the new material of choice. “Tension fabric is certainly a hot commodity these days; we have the capability of printing on over 20 types of materials, but fabric is very popular,” says Natalie Whited, group marketing director, Orbus Company.


This shift is visible industry wide. “Many customers looking for a tabletop display or a backdrop for a booth move towards displays like the Fabrilyte line,” states Geesman. Fabric is popular due to its economic upside, long lasting eco-friendly aspects, and ability to make graphics pop with a professional appearance.


Model Innovations

Non-traditional displays are a leading advertising choice, available in a variety of models and prices. These range from floor display, tabletop designs, hanging graphics, stackable graphics, and twists on the classic banner stand model. Innovations are not only made to displays but also to hardware accessories.


Many companies embrace the deviations made to banner stand models. Drytac offers a traditional look with updated features. Its EZex graphic stand allows for quick, no tool necessary assembly, durability, and easy to change out graphics. The Boost banner stand, ideal for POP, offers a cost-effective approach. Each is available to order in groups of six with graphics produced for under $100.


E. L. Hatton Sales is changing the way banners are suspended as well as how print service providers (PSPs) present their customers with more cost effective and easy to install products. “We see a major shift from banner printers doing the finishing, to supplying an unfinished banner and reselling the tabs to the customer so they can do it themselves,” says Richard Hatton, president, E.L. Hatton.


Banner Ups PowerTabs are made of high strength composite film, making them stronger than the classic metal grommet. PowerTabs come in three different varieties including regular size for outdoor banners, mini-size for indoor and lightweight banners, and crystal clear for banners with full-color graphics. With size options and a crystal clear version, PowerTabs blend right in, allowing clearer visibility.


Banner Ups also offers crystal clear EdgeTabs for individual use or to partner with PowerTabs. EdgeTabs add additional support along the edges of a banner but users can also apply them to the corners of banners and pop-up banner stands. With easy install and availability in sheets of four, PSPs provide customers with crystal clear EdgeTabs to finish banners on location.


ImageOne offer retractor stands and to address the growing requests for wider products, it just created a Wide-Line. These retractors come in four-, five-, six-, and eight-foot wide sizes. Allowing for larger widths while accommodating portability necessities is essential for many of the company’s customers. Also building on the trend of less-is-more, ImageOne now offers Clear Grommets.


LexJet considers departures in non-traditional display hardware when introducing new products. The LexJet I-Banner Spring Back Banner Stand is available in a range of sizes from 24 to 36 inches. It is equipped with additional rail connectors increasing height choices to 60 and 80 inches. These rail connectors serve a second purpose of connecting multiple banners together to create a multi-panel banner display. The LexJet I-Banner Spring Back Banner Stand is also available with hanging mounts.


LexJet’s Expand XStand is ideal alternative for POP. With a lightweight and sturdy X frame the stand holds 24-, 26-, and 32-inch graphics. Another popular non-traditional display hardware offering from LexJet is the Expand BrochureHolder. This lightweight stand travels easily and is available in a four- or eight-pocket design that holds up to 8.5x11-inch literature. There is also a two-pocket structure that allocates room for a graphic to accompany brochures.


Orbus offers a new tension fabric category referred to as Origin. The Formulate 12-foot Funnel and Formulate Arch Kit take the shape of a tornado or an arch. The Formulate Fusion kit encompasses the Formulate Arch, tension fabric wall displays, and hanging tension fabric signage.


Paradigm’s Fabrilyte line presents innovative non-traditional displays using heavy-duty fabric. The Fabrilyte Curved Tubular Display is available in a six- or ten-foot size. It is easy to transport and assemble, with the fabric graphic stretching over an aluminum frame. It can be showcased on a table or floor. The Fabrilyte Tubular Displays are also available in ten-foot Wave and Straight models. Paradigm carries an option for a brochure holder with its VersaStand. This includes a graphic of 19.5x49.5 inches and two pockets for materials.


Tex Visions takes into account how new non-traditional display hardware changes the graphics seen in displays. “With the range of non-traditional displays available, this puts no limit on how graphics are created and implemented. Non-traditional displays allow for better fitting with certain graphics,” says Lisa Ilaria, marketing coordinator, Tex Visions.


The company’s Bowflag Premium product line is one of many offerings that accommodates graphics. Flags appear in arrow, scoop, and shield shapes and are available in sizes small to extra-large, making it easy to find the right shape for the desired graphic.


Tex Visions’ Q-Frame Tex looks traditional but offers options such as hanging the graphic or mounting it to the wall. The Q line includes a lightbox version that can hang or mount on walls, creating an illuminating advertisement opportunity. The Q-Frame Tex120 Lightbox requires no tools for graphic replacement, making for simple image changeovers.


The most non-traditional and versatile option in Tex Visions’ product line is the Display Cube series. These compact foam cubes are light enough to transport and stack and durable enough to sit on, giving users the option to create a display wall or an interesting seating area. The graphic prints onto fabric that slides onto the foam cube just like a pillowcase, making graphic changeovers quick and easy. Available in sizes small to large these cubes stack as high as 4.8 feet creating attention-grabbing displays.


Endless Opportunities

Advancements in design and elemental uses continue to create endless opportunities for non-traditional display hardware. Geesman says manufacturers notice the need for cutting-edge variations. “Non-traditional displays are an evolution of the industry looking for new products to offer customers, which allow them to distinguish themselves from everyone else,” she states. The introduction of new non-traditional display hardware models derive from a need for fresh advertising possibilities.

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