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Traveling Off the Floor, to Dinner

A Celebration of IDEAs

Innovation traveled off the show floor of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA’s) expo October 2012 to the Inca Digital Excellence Awards (IDEAs), held Friday evening, October 19, 2012, off site at the Vinter Grill in Las Vegas, NV. Inca hosted the dinner and awards reception, celebrating the second iteration of the contest, with the last held in 2010.


The IDEAs 2012 accepted entries until July 31, 2012. Jobs entered were produced using an Inca Digital Printers device between May 2011 and April 2012. Winners were announced in six categories—display graphics, 3D POS, retail interiors, interactive display, décor and furniture, and product decoration. Multiple entries were accepted. Inca encouraged print service providers from around the globe to enter, submitting work via an online entry process.


Award winners received an Inca IDEAs trophy and all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, NV—including flight and two nights’ accommodation—from Inca. From SGIA, the winners received free entry to the trade show and access to seminars.


Inca honored the best in each category, as well as runner ups, at the dinner event. Top winners included Artwork Digital, based in Brazil, in display graphics, interactive display, décor and furniture, and product decoration; Delta Group, based in the U.K., in 3D POS; and Marketing Alliance Group, based in the U.S., in retail interiors.


Judges choose the winners based on originality, complexity of substrate, ability to overcome challenges, client benefit, and visual and structural impression. Members of the panel included Barney Cox, senior consultant, InfoTrends; Stan Kilpin, publisher, Digital Image Australia/New Zealand; and Noel Ward, MD, Brimstone Hill Associates.


“The submissions were extraordinary, in part due to the range of materials they used, from more common plastics and boards, to more unusual substrates such as pizza dough. All of the entrants should be proud of the work they did,” shares Heather Kendle, director of marketing, Inca.


The IDEAs 2012 was not the only big announcement from Inca. On the show floor, the company—in partnership with Fujifilm Corporation’s graphic systems division—introduced the Inca Onset S20i wide format UV flatbed inkjet printer. The device offers high-speed throughput on both flexible and rigid media up to 123.6x63 inches and .59 inches thick. New features include a multi-zone vacuum table, UV sensor system, and a substrate height detector. Complementing the Onset S20i is an enhanced Uvijet ink set from Fujifilm, developed to provide improved adhesion, stability, and finishing properties.


Innovative applications from real world end users are an exciting way to celebrate the success of SGIA expo. Interacting with the winners allowed many to appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into each honoree’s project. The IDEAs 2012 dinner was the ideal platform to showcase the unlimited possibilities of digital print.


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