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By Cassandra Carnes

Adage Graphics is a full service graphics center. The company began as a digital service bureau 24 years ago, originally offering prepress services, film negatives for press plates, and scanning capabilities. Over time, the company expanded, adding both large and small format digital printing services on a range of substrates. Today it resides in El Segundo, CA and services customers across the U.S. as well as Canada.


With its diverse selection of services, the print provider’s current client/project list includes several film studios and production houses, large corporations in aerospace and technology, business to business, and prestigious restaurant chains.


“We are a best-kept Hollywood secret, producing high caliber prints—typically on a moment’s notice—at very reasonable prices,” says Cindy Maloney, account executive, Adage Graphics. She admits that although they do jobs for the big guys, it is always exciting to spend time helping new companies too.


In order to offer its broad selection of services—including wide and large format graphics from posters and banners to menu boards and window, wall, and floor graphics; fine art printing; vehicle wraps; trade show products; and digital die cutting—the company operates a solid line up of printing and finishing equipment. Adage Graphics offers aqueous, latex, solvent, and UV-curable direct print capabilities afforded with two Hewlett-Packard (HP) Designjet Z6100s, an HP Designjet L25500, an HP Designjet 10000, and a Durst Image Technology US LLC Rho 600 Pictor five-foot flatbed. For finishing, they rely on an Advanced Greig Laminator, Inc. 64i laminator, a GBC/ACCO laminator, and a Zünd digital cutter.


Decorative Curvature

Adage Graphics is committed to meeting client demands with its comprehensive spectrum of graphic offerings. Recently, the company was enlisted to create menu signage for Beach Bowls Açaí Café. The restaurant opened a new store and wanted a professional, sturdy menu board that could be changed out easily when needed.


To determine the best graphic solution, Adage Graphics first considered the installation. The menu board is placed in an area that presents an unusual challenge. The space is a curved wall surface that features a complex wave texture that results in a random series of compound curves. “Due to the wall’s complex texture and compound curves, even the most compliant of vinyl wouldn’t work as a direct application,” explains Maloney.


The initial installation consisted of a panel base with printed graphics installed as a changeable layer placed over them. To pull it off, Adage Graphics considered creating a series of smaller flat boards that could be positioned in a row to allow for the curved wall. But the client wanted to present an overall look that smoothly follows the curvature of the wall. The print provider decided to produce a single, curving backer board instead of small individual flat boards.


With expertise from Adage Graphics, Beach Bowls Açaí Café decided to utilize a media system from Visual Magnetics LP for the project. The system features the installation of a magnetic base with changeable, printable magnetic-receptive media. This allows them to produce cost-effective menus that are easily changed without any special skills or tools.


The base board needed to be sturdy, but also thin enough to flex around the curve. For this effect, Sintra that measures a thickness of one-eighth-of-an-inch was chosen as a base. To enable the magnetic-receptive paper to stick to the base, a thin layer of .020 magnetic sheeting was laminated to the surface of the Sintra. The mounting screws were counter-sunk so that the magnetic-receptive media would be free of bumps and dimples. Adage Graphics installed the base board on the curved surface of the wall with success. Menu graphics were printed onto VM-SYNpaper C, a 7-mil synthetic paper with Visual Magnetic’s magnetic-receptive coating. UV-curable inks from Durst were used.


Digital files were RIPped using Caldera’s CopyRIP. The paper was printed directly using the UV-curable Durst Rho 600 Pictor, which accommodates roll media as well as full boards. The printing, fabrication, finishing, and installation took approximately one week, which included a walk through and installation survey.


Substrate Selections

Full service graphics providers such as Adage Graphics rely on innovative media and a versatile and diverse printing and finishing line up in order to meet demanding and unique client needs. In the case of Beach Bowls Açaí Café, Adage Graphics’ experience and capabilities with magnetic media provided an ideal solution for changeable, affordable, and stunning graphics for a quick change menu board.


Sep2012, Digital Output

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