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Fans of Fleet Wraps

NFL Networks Thursday Night Football

By Amber E. Watson

Vehicle wraps are an eye-catching way to invest in mobile marketing. Print service providers (PSPs) offering print and installation services play a crucial role in carrying out a business’ overall marketing plan. For large companies in particular, this often involves producing a fleet of wrapped vehicles.


Fleet wraps involve wrapping multiple vehicles with the same message for greater impact. A challenging aspect is that the same vehicle isn’t always wrapped, for instance, a client may want a fleet of trucks, trailers, and sedans. PSPs are tasked with designing graphics that fit each vehicle without losing the overall message.


Branding graphics for cars, bikes, trucks, trailers, and even boats allows for greater advertising flexibility. Messages may appear in one place on a certain day, then travel miles the next, reaching a broad audience. Media and inks used on wraps are designed to withstand elements encountered on the road such as severe weather conditions, dirt, and debris.


Print shops such as Gatorwraps of Ontario, CA understand the importance of producing quality graphics to make a client’s message pop. The shop was recently approached by the National Football League (NFL) Network to wrap a fleet of production trailers for Thursday Night Football.


Fleet Wrap Service

Gatorwraps offers custom design and vinyl wraps for automobiles, trucks, buses, and retail store fronts. The PSP has offered fleet wraps since its inception in 2007.


A 5,500 square foot facility houses a staff of ten workers that manage clients’ advertising visions from custom design to installation. “Our process begins by understanding the business, taking a look at any graphics and advertising they currently use, and then custom designing artwork,” explains Rod Voegele, president, Gatorwraps.


The shop uses three Mutoh America, Inc. ValueJet printers, a Seal laminator from Neschen Americas, and a Graphtec America, Inc. plotter to produce fleet graphics, which accounts for 30 percent of its overall output. Images are printed with Mutoh’s OEM inks on Avery Dennison MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS vinyl. Each graphic is protected with Avery DOL 1060 Gloss overlaminate. “We don’t skimp on ink,” shares Voegele. “We always buy from the manufacturer and when we print a graphic, we choose a saturated ink profile that puts more ink down,” he adds.


Voegele stresses the importance of carrying a client’s brand and message successfully from vehicle to vehicle within a fleet. “What looks great on one vehicle may not work for another. We typically reconfigure the design and eliminate some elements to better suit a different vehicle, but it is important to keep the theme consistent, maximize space, and be sure to include all the essential information to ensure each vehicle carries equal impact,” he shares.


Ready for Some Football

It was all hands on deck when the NFL asked Gatorwraps to wrap two 53-foot production trailers for Thursday Night Football. “They drove in on a Tuesday afternoon and needed the vehicles wrapped and on the road by Friday morning,” states Voegele. The project took eight days from start to finish.


Although there was added pressure because of the clientele and the tight deadline, the project went smoothly overall. “The NFL counted on us to have the trailers ready for setup for a game in San Diego, CA and we couldn’t miss deadlines,” he admits.


With the Mutoh ValueJets’ fast printing capabilities and high color quality, they successfully installed the completed panels onto the trailers within the short timeline, and to the client’s liking. “One request was that the wraps pop with better color than they had in the past. We were able to accomplish that with the Mutoh ink profiles,” adds Voegele. Accurate color is important with fleet wraps because they are showcasing a company or organization’s specific brand.


The impending television appearance of the fleet added pressure for the graphics’ colors to appear saturated and accurate. Organizations such as the NFL want viewers to connect the fleet with their brand, so it is important to print rich hues that translate in full effect when appearing on a television broadcast.


It’s a Wrap

While fleet wraps come with challenges and expectations, they are a popular mode of advertising to enhance a message. PSPs that offer efficient and quality fleet wrap services stand to gain good business.


Jan2012, Digital Output

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