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Good on Wheels


A Vehicle Wrap Travels the Country 


By DO Staff


Part 4 of 4


Savage Wraps, located in Milpitas, CA, is a division of KaiEos Design Studio and the only FELLERS Certified wrap shop in Santa Clara County. The shop offers a complete line of vinyl products, including full and partial vehicle wraps, building wraps, posters, displays, and cut letters.


Savage Wraps’ other services include design and installation, banners, window graphics, and awnings. The parent company also specializes in business printing, labels, business cards, and promotional products.


Demand for vehicle wraps at Savage Wraps is tremendous. “A lot of companies are growing and require fleet wrap work. There was a surge in the last few months,” states Keith Vu, owner, Savage Wraps.


To print wraps and other projects, Savage Wraps uses a 54-inch ValueJet 1304 from Mutoh America, Inc. The four-color ValueJet 1304 uses ten print modes including a new 540x720 dpi mode ideal for banners. It outputs at speeds of up to 145 square feet per hour.

Mutoh’s eco-solvent Eco-Ultra Ink is used with the ValueJet 1304. The ink is scratch resistant and designed to provide rich ink density, quick drying time, and no odor or fumes. Three years of outdoor durability without lamination and five to seven years with lamination are possible with the ink.


For vehicle wrap projects, Savage Wraps often chooses Arlon Graphics, LLC’s DPF 6000XRP film with Series 3220 overlaminate. 6000XRP is a two-mil gloss white cast film with X-scape Technology. The X-scape system allows it to be installed swiftly while maintaining high enough tack to ensure long-term bond.


The shop also turns to 3M Graphics Market Center for watercraft wraps and Arlon’s DPF 8000 series material for wall wraps. “These materials adhere well, so you can sleep at night knowing it’s going to hold for quite a long time,” remarks Vu.


Honoring the Brave

Plenty of large format print projects attempt to sell something. Others, however, promote. One project aims to promote a worthy cause. Two vehicle wraps commissioned by Doug Adams and his wife Deb Lewis bring their mission to light, The Duty, Honor, America Tour and their dedication to helping our veterans and military.


Savage Wraps recently finished a wrap project for custom motorcycle shop Black Hawk Customs using parts from a Black Hawk helicopter. Adams and Lewis spotted the tricked out vehicle, and soon came into contact with Savage Wraps for a project of their own.


Both veterans, Adams and Lewis, have over 60 years of service between them. They embarked on a one year cycling tour of the U.S. in October 2010. Joined by their dog Daisy, the goal is to educate and inspire Americans to pay attention to what really helps the veterans and military. 


Adams averages 60 miles of cycling each day, while Lewis and Daisy follow behind in a 34-foot custom wrapped RV. Along the way, the trio is collecting and sharing stories about people, organizations, and communities making a difference. They engage communities and learn effective ways others support local veterans and military. 


Adams and Lewis leveraged $145K of their own money to purchase an RV—nicknamed Simba—and support the overall tour. The national tour RV and tow car feature wrapped graphics designed by Vu that reflect the patriotic theme of the DHA Tour and highlight key sponsors.


The wrap must withstand every weather condition imaginable as the RV crosses the U.S. To ensure it survives the long trek, Savage Wraps Arlon DPF 60000XRP film with Series 3220 overlaminate for the RV and car wraps printed with its Mutoh ValueJet 1304 with Eco-Ultra inks.


Vu leveraged relationships with fellow FELLERS Certified vehicle wrap installers to secure an installation space at competitor Brandvizion’s shop across the country. The wrap itself was designed and printed at Savage Wraps’ shop in CA, then shipped and hand carried on a plane to VA. “It’s a network—we help each other out,” says Vu. “Although we’re competitors in a sense, because of that certification, it is sort of like a brotherhood.” This type of relationship mirrors the whole idea of the DHA Tour.


The wrap team was under a time crunch of just five days to complete the job. Vu and a Savage Wraps associate detailer completed the wrap working day and night. “It was a crazy schedule, but I love this job,” adds Vu.


Adams and Lewis are grateful for the work Savage Wraps completed. “Our RV wrap guru, Keith Vu, and his fellow installer, Rudy, worked day and night to finish the wrap installation. The DHA Tour wrap is a reflection of Keith’s vision and installation expertise,” notes Adams on his blog.


Adams and Lewis know that many Americans are eager to know more about military service and the people who choose to serve. This is why the DHA Tour was conceived. They find it takes very little awareness of existing issues to inspire others to discover, on their own, meaningful ways, small and large, to make a difference in the lives of veterans.


Good on Wheels

At press time, Independence Day is on the horizon. The U.S. is making a slow, yet steady economic recovery. There was the recent discovery of Osama Bin Laden, and the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attack on the U.S. approaching. With these events in mind, patriotism is alive in the U.S., and our brave military and veterans deserve praise.


Doug Adams will cycle over 16,000 miles on the DHA Tour across all 50 states, spreading the message, “If you need help, get it. If you can help, offer it.” The tour concludes in October 2011 at the Kona Iron Man Competition in HI, but hopefully the message will live on.


This project is a testimonial to the use of large format digital print by a new breed of print customer.


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