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Communicate for Color-Driven Success

By Melissa Donovan

Color management is an integral part of a print service provider’s (PSP’s) workflow. Customers should feel comfortable trusting their identity with a print partner. Brand is an influential part of a business; it attracts customers and allows them to associate a color or logo back to a product.


Ferrari Color understands the importance of color, so much so they included the word in its name. The Salt Lake City, UT-based shop—with additional locations in Sacramento and San Francisco, CA—specializes in wall murals, vehicle graphics, point of purchase, retail, specialty, billboards, backlit, building, and window graphics. Its UT headquarters boasts a space of 54,000 square feet and holds hardware from Durst Image Technology US, LLC, Hewlett-Packard, Mimaki USA, Inc., Océ North America, and Summa, Inc.


Grand RIPs

The 33 year old company launched into digital in 1992. As Dan Spangenberg, CIO, Ferrari Color, explains it stays at the forefront of technology by adding presses. The company realized a need for a color management system that reached across many devices. In 2005 Ferrari Color staff met with Joseph Mergui, founder, Caldera Graphics. At the time, the PSP struggled to maintain color consistency.


“Mergui’s concept to become a system-wide global platform for all our devices made sense. We formed a strong partnership and installed Caldera’s RIP to drive all of our printers,” adds Spangenberg.


Today, the UT production facility runs solely on Caldera’s GrandRip+ V8 package, which includes new features such as Adobe Systems Incorporated’s PDF Print Engine and an updated EasyMedia color managing suite. At press time, Ferrari Color was updating its color profiles for use in X-Rite, Incorporated’s iPrism engine as well, which GrandRip+ V8 is newly optimized for.


“With the improvements made in GrandRip+ and iPrism, we now have greater control over the quality of our color profiles,” shares Vinny Mannello, digital department manager, Ferrari Color.


The company scrutinizes color in every job. Color management begins with finely tuned output profiles developed by EasyMedia. Overall consistency is upheld by routine checks in the print room—ensuring devices, materials, and inks are not drifting outside of the defined guidelines.


For heavily color managed jobs, Mannello explains that additional options in GrandRip+ are utilized. These projects are ones that may include multiple substrates or contain very specific output guidelines. GrandRip+ features that may be used are easy development and use of simulation profiles or spot color remapping.


Color at its Highest

In Fall 2010, Maloof Sports and Entertainment—owner of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings—presented a project that resulted in the largest building wrap Ferrari Color ever created. The wrap, totaling 175x64 feet, consisted of 650 tiles that ultimately measured 12 stories in height.


The California State Teachers’ Retirement System donated the space. One tenant was concerned with being able to see out of their windows, despite a wrap adhered to the building. Clear Focus Imaging, Inc.’s SuperVue perforated vinyl film addressed the issue with see-through holes that allowed for the desired visibility. The wrap was printed on a Durst Rho 160R. From consultation to install, the project took around 30 days.


Color was an important factor. “Ferrari Color knows the importance of brand identity, and not many organizations hold higher standards than professional sports teams,” says Spangenberg. The Sacramento Kings’ logo is easily recognizable, with purple, black, silver, and white. During the process, the PSP paid special attention to these colors in addition to the skin tones of the players featured on the wrap.


Out of the 650 panels, only two were reprinted. The errors occurred due to material splices rather than RIP issues. Besides color, Spangenberg also notes that the installation was a challenge. Conducted in three days, it was staged and scheduled to avoid the sun. 


A Spectrum of Confidence

Ferrari Color is confident in its abilities to provide customers with high-quality, color-managed output in all widths and sizes. Its broad portfolio allows them to complete a range of applications on multiple substrates. “Caldera’s software lowers the complexity of managing a color consistent RIP network,” adds Mannello.


Thanks to its Caldera GrandRip+, hardware speaks to each other seamlessly and when more is introduced to the shop, the company is confident its RIP will continue to manage communication.

Aug2011, Digital Output

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