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By Melissa Donovan


Part 1 of 2


Business professionals in all industries look for ways to drive efficiency into every working hour. In the graphic arts, this means implementing efficient RIP software, sophisticated substrates, and a lights-out workflow. Any full-service sign shop knows that to make money, it is necessary to look for even the smallest tools to aid in the workflow department. For the well experienced or the novice, one solution to consider is pre-made vehicle templates.


There are a variety of tools available to print service providers. For the consummate vehicle wrapper, investing in a solution from Art Station Vehicle Templates, Digital Designware, or SA International (SAi); whose collections offer over hundreds of templates ranging from cars to boats spanning several model years, is worthwhile.


Collections for the Collector

Most templates are vector-based, allowing for ease of manipulation without loss of quality. However, some are also offered as raster files, to promote a high-quality image. All solutions primarily include cars and trucks, with boats and motorcycles as additional options depending on the collection.


Art Station provides cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and heavy-duty trucks, with a promise of semis available soon. Templates are saved as EPS files and are compatible with any program that supports them. Model years are available the first day of that year. For example, the 2011 edition was available on January 1, 2011. Art Station templates are regularly priced at $299 but they are currently running a special for $249. Individual templates are available through the company’s Web site. Bundled packages that include vector art and Wrap Master collections are available through distributors.


The Car ’n Truck Pro Vehicle Outlines collection from Digital Designware offers model years from 1993 to 2011, with boats, motorcycles, trucks, and cars included. It is compatible with products from CADlink Technology Corporation and SAi, as well as through design programs from Adobe Systems Incorporated and Corel Corporation on both Mac and Windows platforms. Pro Vehicle Outlines’ upcoming templates are generally available on December 1 of the preceding calendar year. The templates are available from the company directly or through distributors. There are two solutions; a complete set on DVD with a hard copy manual and free online access to new or archived templates for a full year, or an online copy with unlimited template access for a six-month period.


Digital Designware’s solution stands out from its competition in a number of ways. “It is one of the largest collections available at over 60,000 templates. Pro Vehicle Outlines comes as a hard copy printed catalog as well as easy to use three-dimensional (3D) conversion software that creates 3D renderings of vehicles, a great presentation tool,” explains Luke Green, sales manager, North America, Digital Designware.


SAi offers The Bad Wrap templates, which contain 320 vehicles; this includes cars and boats. These high-resolution TIFF files can be opened and edited in SAi’s Flexi 10 or Adobe Photoshop 7 or higher. Currently, they span model years from 1987 and 2010. 2011 templates are currently being developed and SAi expects to release them shortly. The Bad Wrap templates are available in two ways. First, The Bad Wrap DVD Collection, which retails for $795 in North America. Others looking for individual files should look to, where templates range in price from $29.95 to $34.95.


Citing the ideal use of templates as sales tools, Stephanie Stamm, marketing manager, SAi, shares “The Bad Wrap is an excellent presentation tool. Designers can drag and drop any graphic onto the template for the fastest, most life-like preview possible. Customers are impressed with the quality and speed of the proof, and can offer on-the-spot feedback.”


In the second part of this series read about how vendors create vehicle templates. The timely process provides accurate, clean, and friendly tools that minimize preparation time in a sign shop—allowing a print provider to get right to the design process.

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Apr2011, Digital Output

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