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An Accessible, Finished Presentation


By Kim Crowley


Part 1 of 2


Blue poster putty, double-sided tape, and thumb tacks may be sufficient for hanging posters in a college dorm, but they won’t hold up or look professional in a retail store or other heavily trafficked, high-profile areas. Large format print projects such as signs, banners, and fine art call for the right accessory for finishing, protection, and presentation.


Framing systems are constructed from a range of materials, including wood, plastic, and metals. They help convey the intended look and feel of the piece and aid in hanging and display. Interestingly enough, framing systems are a missing element in many print service providers’ (PSPs’) finishing services.


Applications and Benefits

Framing systems in various forms are used in variety of environments, including offices, retail, government, education, sports venues, restaurants, hotels, transportation facilities, and even amusement parks. The end use is based on the type of frame.


There are frames that expand to fit any size graphic; others are specifically made for the printed image in question. Some frames are used repeatedly or for one-time-use only.


The simplicity of placing a graphic into a frame is so that even after a PSP provides a client with the finished product, they can remove the graphic themselves and place a new one in at anytime—similar to a banner stand. This means additional revenue for the PSP.


“It is likely that a customer will buy more graphics from the print maker to use in frames, to refresh messages and images on a regular basis,” explains Darius Augustine, president, Alpina Manufacturing LLC.


Matt Jones, sales/account manager, SuperStructure Systems Inc., agrees. “This is a value-added product for the PSP and due to the ease of graphic changeability; it is very profitable to gain all the future printing change outs,” he says.


Additionally rewards are achieved if a PSP offers the frames as a bundled part of the graphic.  If success is seen early on, ordering in bulk provides an initial discount. Then, the PSP becomes a re-seller, and discounts generally apply—based on the manufacturer.


“PSPs add a significant amount to the bottom line with any of these frame systems, especially with large volume orders. Discounts apply to re-sellers and typically a markup of 40 to 100 percent is added depending on number of locations the project is being sent to,” explains Charles Abrams, president, Access Display Group, Inc.


According to Ric Brady, president/CEO, ProEDGE, most of the company’s customers recoup their initial start up investment by 80 frames.


Framing Systems

To hang, to finish, protect, and display—framing systems are available in many sizes, styles, and configurations, but most are designed to keep graphics looking their best. They bring quality and longevity for the buyer and add an additional source of revenue with repeat business for the PSP. Next week we include a comprehensive round up on framing systems and innovative solutions in the space.

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