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By Melissa Donovan


Part 2 of 2


Massive Graphics Displays Exhibits of Fredericton, NB, Canada, adapts as the industry progresses, adding services to its print shop to stay viable in an ever-changing market. Known for vehicle wraps, trade show graphics, and museum displays, the print provider presents all of its customers with quality work and a keen eye for detail. These traits are seen in the trade show booth the company created for Enbridge Gas, who participates in a series of home shows every Spring.


For 2010, Enbridge teamed up with Efficiency NB to promote “green” energy. The drawback, it confined them to a specific size space and mandatory hardware—a ten- by ten-foot hard wall that allowed for images to be adhered with Velcro.


Massive Graphics’ design team pitched the idea of creating a home within the enclosed space that used natural gas for all of the energy needs. This was depicted by images on digitally printed panels. Areas included a kitchen with a natural gas range and dishwasher, a laundry room with a natural gas dryer and natural gas heated water for a washer, a bathroom with natural gas heated water, and an outdoor patio with a natural gas fired grill.


All of the Velcro-receptive panels were replaced with these printed panels, which were created on Mimaki USA, Inc.’s JV3-160 printer with Oracal USA’s ORAJET 3651 Intermediate Grade Calendered PVC Inkjet Media and laminated with ORAGUARD 210 PVC Laminating Film. Taking it a step further, the print provider created 3D figures to place around the booth. “We decided to use every opportunity we could to blatantly display natural gas propaganda,” explains Sterling Keays, president, Massive Graphics.


Picture frames were placed around the exhibit displaying points of the benefits of using natural gas. A mirror was printed in the bathroom with wording on it that resembled someone writing on the fogged glass with their finger.


To help the client promote its brand, Massive Graphics incorporated images of Enbridge’s logo throughout the booth in unconventional ways. This included using them for the shower curtain rings or as picture hangers. Keays said the booth’s staff challenged children to find the logos and count how many there were to win a prize. This allowed sales people to talk to the parents while the children were occupied.


“The entire display was a pleasure to design and the client’s response was extremely positive. Since then, we wrapped three buses for them and are producing a series of subdivision signs advertising gas-friendly communities,” he shares.


Coming Up Next

Massive Graphics is currently in the middle of an equipment purchase—a new five- by ten-foot CNC AXYZ router and a four- by eight-foot flatbed Arizona 350 printer from Océ North America—which will eventually necessitate new employees. In addition, they recently added a 1,100 square foot bay and work area to the existing 4,500 square foot facility.


These purchases help to streamline the company’s existing workflow and put more of a focus on their museum and display business. Keays already plans to utilize both to help with a museum display project involving a fossilized centipede trail. The original fossil is in another museum and the company obtained permission to recreate it using the router table.


The new router comes with a complete three dimensional software package that will help reproduce the trail. A centipede of three meters long with tracks of 20 centimeters apart needs to be recreated. To do so, the staff will take a series of photographs that aid them in producing the precise tool paths, which will then be cut on the router. The flatbed printer will print the photograph of the original fossil over the recreation.


The company’s investment in new technology shows its willingness to grow. However, it still continues to offer trade show exhibits, proving that Massive Graphics recognizes its strengths and cultivates them by taking an interest in new applications that are similar and familiar. This is a knowledgeable and safe venture, which allows them to thrive.


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