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The Art of the Wedding

Joe Buissink Tackles Large Format Photography

By Lorraine A. DarConte

4 of a 4 Part Series

Beverly-Hills based wedding photographer Joe Buissink's images tell a story through a series of artfully captured moments—an anxious groom, a pensive bride, a joyful frolic on the beach—that are often described as "fine art."

He's been featured on Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and Lifetime Television's Wedding of a Lifetime. His work was published in InStyle Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and People Magazine. Last February, American Photo nominated him as one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world.

Buissink's photographic style is loose, natural, and real. The polar opposite of traditional wedding images, which have the tendency to be stiff and over-posed. In twelve years, Buissink rose quickly from photographing friends to much sought-after celebrity clients including Christina Applegate and Jennifer Lopez.

"I took a risk one day and approached a high-end wedding coordinator with simply ten images," recalls Buissink. "Rather than calling, I showed up at his doorstep and showed him my work. I know I didn't follow protocol; I'd heard it would take six months to talk to him and he already had photographers like Denis Reggie, and he didn't need anyone else. I said 'What the heck, I'm just going to show up. What's the worst that can happen?’"

"The photographer saw the images and thought they were really cool and different. He had just the person for me, which turned out to be Kelsey Grammer. His was the first celebrity wedding I shot and from there it was word of mouth."

Buissink's style is derived from B&W images of the 1940s and 1950s, hence, it's no surprise that 70 to 80 percent of his images are B&W. He shoots with Canon cameras and Kodak film including, 400, 3200, and high speed infrared. "Infrared is actually my calling card," he notes.

"I then scan the negatives and print them on HP printers. I print the large prints in-house on the HP Designjet Z3100 24-inch printer and use a HP Photosmart Pro 9180. It's easier than sending it to a lab and I have more control." Buissink finds he prints 20x24 and 30x40 wall portraits of his more artistic pieces, such as the infrared shots.

"The quality of the B&W on the HP Designjet Z3100 is insanely beautiful. The consistency is unbelievable. Once I print one, I can crank out several in a row and they're all exactly the same." The new HP Designjet Z3100 printers feature embedded spectrophotometers, 12-color HP Vivera pigment inks, and automatic calibrations, which provide both color accuracy and consistency.

"Sometimes," admits Buissink, "I will print one large photo before the clients pick up their proofs and it'll be hanging in the studio when they arrive. It ends up being a sale. They literally want it off my wall—and I let them buy it from me."

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Jan2008, Digital Output

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