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A New Spin On Marketing

Let Vehicle Wraps Drive Your Sales

by Melissa Tetreault

This is part of an exclusive online series. Part 1 of 4

Wide format printing provides a range of opportunity for marketers that include exterior signage within their media mix. Vehicle wraps and complex graphics continue to fuel significant growth within the industry. New inks, hardware, and media provide digital output with the vibrancy and durability that vehicles require.

Cutting Out Error
Advancements in technology is one reason why the boom has become a bang. "Vehicle graphics that previously required professionals to print on one device and contour cut on another can now be created easily through one seamless workflow," explains Brian McLeod, managing director, Roland DGA Color Products Division. Combining the printer and cutter hardware together allows a user to quickly and easily complete a vehicle wrap. Plus, less room is left for error.

Roland’s VersaCAMM and SOLJET printer/cutters are just two of the products out there being used in vehicle wrapping. Companies such as Gerber Scientific, Mimaki, Mutoh, and VUTEk are also featuring products for wraps.

Easy Vinyl
Hardware is not the only area were advances are being made. Most media companies including, 3M, Arlon, Avery Dennison, MACtac, and Oracal, are offering an abundance of user-friendly vinyl for the vehicle wrap process. More recently, there has been a big push in the market for vinyl that aids in easy application, avoiding air bubbles, tearing, and allowing for re-positionability for up to 24 hours.

Why this push for a more accessible, easy line of products? Tiffany Witham, senior marketing manager, Avery Dennison Graphics Division, comments, "So many sign shops have gotten into the business and there is this big mystery around ‘how do you do it’? Because it [vehicle wrapping] does take skill and it does take training to do a successful wrap."

A Second Skin
One vehicle wrap company, out of Dallas, TX, has felt the impact of digital printing on the marketing world and settled itself comfortably right in the middle of it. SkinzWraps, Inc. has been doing vehicle wraps for five years. In that time period, Peter C. Salaverry, chairman and CEO, credits the "evolution within digital printing" as having a tremendous impact on the profits of their business. "I think that the vehicle wrap business can be the most profitable of all the outdoor media businesses and this is because it is the fastest growing."

The company designs, installs, trains, and prints, all in-house. Using Avery 1005 EZ as their wrap media of choice and printing on four Mimaki JV3s, the company goes through about 14,000 square feet of product a month. Salaverry explains that his belief in both the hardware and media products strictly comes from use.

The vehicle wrap business, as enticing as it may seem, may not be something to jump into right away. However, at Salaverry’s suggestion, one can take baby steps into the vehicle wrap boom by providing "their client true value by referring that client to an established, well respected vehicle wrap company. It is a true win-win for everyone. The sign shop gets a nice cash referral fee, their client gets their wrap done by the best, and the client and the referring sign shop continue to do other business."

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Jul2006, Digital Output

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