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By Cassandra Carnes

Building wraps and wallscapes are the latest form of high-impact branding. In addition to the WOW factor, these massive graphics multi-task with their ability to transform buildings into pieces of art, promote brand, and secure privacy for interior construction crews.

Boston Building Wraps (BBW) is a family-operated business based out of Boston, MA. Sons Joseph Correia Jr. and Michael Correia run the company with Joseph Correia Sr. overseeing its operations. The shop’s staff offers over 30 years of experience and includes six additional employees—a combination of expert installers and manufacturers—to help build and engineer interior and exterior signs and banners.

Taking on Challenges
In addition to supplying high-end interior graphics, BBW sets itself apart from competitors through its proven ability to install graphics and murals in difficult environments. These graphics must withstand some of the harshest weather conditions in the U.S., including strong winds, snow, and humidity.

One of the more challenging assignments the company completed consisted of producing and installing several 17x70-foot wallscapes at 250 feet high at Tower Point in Boston, MA. An EFI VUTEk printer was used to create the graphics. The client wanted to utilize the tower to separate its brand. The engineering of the wallscape was critical because it had to withstand severe winds and Winter weather.

Wrapping a City Square
Through years of experience and extra attention to detail, BBW built itself a reputable business. “Our best advertising tools are our previous jobs,” says Joseph Correia Jr., co-founder, BBW.

The shop recently collaborated with branding and integrated marketing firm Kelley Habib John (KHJ) to help promote a new Cambridge, MA luxury apartment complex for Equity Residential.

“The client was interested in achieving maximum exposure for retail space,” says Correia Jr. KHJ came to BBW wanting to use grand format graphics for branding and advertising. After the initial consultation and site survey, the agency came up with a modular design that offers a classy, high-impact promotion from eight stories high, down to the pedestrian level. Once portions of the property are leased, the graphics can be taken down in sections and stay generic enough to carry the brand.

For window film assignments, BBW relies on various materials from 3M Graphics Market Center, Madico, and Oracal USA.

The Third Square project featured a complete wrap of the sidewalk-level windows, as well as on the south and north elevation windows. BBW recommended Clear Focus Imaging, Inc. One Way Vision perforated films for the high-level windows. The see-through window graphics allow residents visibility. Graphics are viewed from the exterior. When illuminated from the interior, the windows present a glowing effect, resembling a huge plasma screen.

For the sidewalk-level windows, the company created backlit window floods using vinyl from Oracal. The lower-level graphics covered a city block using backlit vinyl on glass. All graphics from the project were printed on a Seiko I Infotech printer.

Joseph Correia Sr., co-founder, BBW, notes that the installation was straightforward. He explains that the most important aspect to consider is lining the text and images so everything is squared off. The graphics were all produced with overlaps and then kiss-cut so all the seams matched.

It’s All in the Installation
The popularity of building wraps grows with its acceptance from big-city developers and committees. Cities with a history and heritage as strong and patriotic as Boston, MA are often sensitive when it comes to permissions and licensing.

The company appreciates the architecture involved in the jobs. Correia Jr. says they figure out the least intrusive and effective installation methods to preserve the buildings they work on. “We’ve gone as far as collecting stone dust from installation sites so masons can go in and do repairs after the graphics are removed,” he shares.

Additionally, installations often require police details. The space is shared with general contractors and other trade professionals trying to complete their jobs as well. “Putting up the wallscapes and signage is pretty much the most satisfying part of installation,” shares Michael Correia, head of operations and logistics, BBW.

High Expectations
BBW emphasizes the importance of production and installation planning to a successful building wrap. However, the graphics are far from an afterthought. The shop works hard to maintain its reputation by producing high-quality work.

May2010, Digital Output

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