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Superwide Printer Specifications

Part 2 of 2

By Melissa Donovan

Last week, leading grand format printer manufacturers discussed the key reasons why grand format printers extend beyond billboards—speed, image quality, and size all play a part. You can click on the link at the bottom of this article if you missed part one of this series. This week, we provide a roundup of grand format printers, which Digital Output classifies as 95 inches or wider.

Agfa Graphics recently expanded into the grand format printer market with its acquisition of Gandinnovations. Their line up now includes solvent, UV, and aqueous devices. Solvent printers include the Jeti 3312, 3324, and 5024; roll-to-roll printers at 126, 130, and 198 inches wide, respectively. There are also UV versions of both the Jeti 3324 and 5024 printers. Other UV grand format devices include the Jeti 3150 X-2 UV True Flatbed, a 120-inch flatbed printer; and the Jeti 1224 UV True Flatbed printer fitted with a 96-inch bed. The newest addition to the Jeti product line is the Aquajet, a 130-inch aqueous-based textile printer using six-color, true 400 dpi resolution.

CET Color provides a 120-inch UV roll-to-roll printer that prints at 1,440x720 dpi. The X-Press RK512’s UV-curable ink system is eco-friendly, producing low volatile organic compounds. It prints on a range of material including fabric, vinyl, and PVC.

d.gen, Inc. manufactures two grand format, direct-to-textile printers. The Teleios 100 is a 100-inch printer with six printheads moving at 204 square feet per hour (sf/h). The Arachne is a 104-inch, six printhead printer, also creating output at 204 sf/h. Both come with a complete, built-in heat fixation unit and take-up reels, as well as an 80-inch fabric pre-coating machine that applies a uniform inkjet receptive top layer.

Durst Image Technology US LLC’s Rho 320R is a dedicated roll-to-roll printer with a design functionality that allows the printer to be unattended during operation. The Rho 500R is similar to the Rho 320R, except in width, yet it still maintains 600x600 dpi resolution. The Rho 800 Presto is a 98-inch device recently introduced in a HS version, which increased the print speed by 80 percent. Also 98 inches in width, the Rho 900 and Rho 1000 printers feature an automated feeding system that allows for true continuous board printing.

EFI’s VUTEk line of superwide format printers is expansive. It includes the VUTEk 3360, a solvent printer creating output at 600 sf/h at 126 inches wide. At 196 inches, the VUTEk 5330 is a roll-to-roll printer with eight-color printing capabilities. The VUTEk FabriVu, an oil-based printer, prints up to 125 inches wide for dye-sublimation (dye-sub) applications. EFI’s VUTEk QS3220 is a UV-curable device with a maximum resolution of 1,080 dpi at 126.5 inches wide. Also UV-curable, the VUTEk GS3200 prints at 126.5 inches wide at 1,000 dpi at 2,400 sf/h. The VUTEk GS5000r is a 196-inch roll-to-roll UV-curable printer that outputs at 3,100 sf/h. EFI’s newest grand format printer is the VUTEk QS3250r, at 126.5 inches this UV roll-to-roll printer creates output at 1,850 sf/h.

Fujifilm Sericol U.S.A, Inc.’s newest Uvistar roll-to-roll printers are manufactured by Matan Digital Printers and distributed exclusively by Fujifilm Sericol. In 197 and 138 inches wide, both presses print at 600 dpi, at up to 3,800 sf/h and 3,000 sf/h, respectively. A flatbed option is available as an add-on.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) offers grand format printers in the HP Scitex series, including XP5300/5100—197 inches, XP2700/2300—126 inches, and XL1500— models ranging from 126 to 197 inches. These solutions are designed for high-speed, high-volume, wide format production print environments. Additionally, the HP Scitex FB7500, FB6700, FB6100, and FB950 flatbed printers are part of a range of water-based and UV ink technologies for industrial-type environments. Maximum print widths are 126, 126, 126, and 98.4 inches, respectively. The 104-inch HP Designjet L65500 latex printer offers high levels of image quality, productivity, and durability.

INX Digital International Co.’s San Francisco (SF) 3204 and Milano MXP 250 UV printers are considered grand format. At 126 inches wide, the SF 3204 roll-to-roll solvent printer is available in four- and six-color models. Printing resolution ranges from 300 to 800 dpi, users operating the SF 3204 in high-speed billboard mode can output printed media at 753 sf/h. In normal production mode the printer runs at 538 sf/h. The Milano MXP is a 98-inch hybrid device that prints on rigid media up to 1.125 inches thick. Four-color, high-quality graphics are printed at 344 sf/h in production mode.

Mimaki USA, Inc. offers solvent and aqueous grand format printers in both the JV33-260 and JV5-320DS lines. Both printers use six inks and print at a resolutions of 1,440 dpi. At 102.5 and 128 inches wide, respectively, the JV33-260 and JV5-320DS create output at up to 285 and 660 sf/h. Shown for the first time at ISA in Orlando, FL in April 2010, the 74-inch TX400-1800D and TX400-1800B aqueous-based printers are direct dye-sub devices that feature a belt for stretchy fabrics. The maximum print speed, in production mode, for both printers is 880 sf/h.

Mutoh America, Inc. manufactures the Mutoh ValueJet 2606-100" eco-solvent printer, which features a heavy-duty media handling system that accommodates a 220 pound roll of media. It prints at speeds of up to 185 sf/h in production mode at resolutions of 540, 720, and 1,440 dpi. The ValueJet 2628 TD-100" dye-sub printer uses aqueous-based ink and drop-on-demand inkjet piezo printheads. It prints at production speeds of up to 154 sf/h.

Océ North America’s grand format printers consist of four models from the Océ Arizona UV printer line—the Arizona 550 GT, Arizona 350 XT, Arizona 350 GT, and Arizona 300 GT; 98.4, 120, 98.4, and 98.4 inches, respectively. All of the printers utilize Océ VariaDot imaging technology, creating near-photographic image quality. Roll media and white ink options are available, providing flexibility to create a variety of applications.

Roland DGA Corporation’s AdvancedJET AJ-1000i, at 104 inches wide, achieves maximum print speeds of 968 sf/h and a maximum resolution of up to 720x720 dpi. Users looking to utilize the AJ-1000i have two ink options—EcoXtreme i and ExoXtreme LT. EcoXtreme i ink offers superior bonding and scratch and alcohol resistance for up to three years outdoor durability. LT ink is designed for more cost-effective, short-term graphics with outdoor durability up to a year. The SOLJET PRO IIV SJ-1045 104-inch printer features a maximum print speed of 484 sf/h and photorealistic print resolutions of up to 1,440x1,440 dpi. It utilizes ECO-SOL MAX ink.

Screen (USA) offers the Screen Truepress Jet2500UV, which creates images at a resolution of 1,500 dpi. It prints both rigid and roll-to-roll materials at a maximum width of 98.4 inches. Substrates 1.96 inches thick at speeds of up to 366 sf/h are run through the device. Screen’s flexible UV inks do not crack when bent or stretched after printing on the Truepress Jet2500UV.

Seiko I Infotech’s ColorPainter H-104s is a 104-inch digital device built for high-production printing. At 720x720 dpi, using eight colors, the printer prints 300 to 500 sf/h, and using four colors, 600 to 1,000 sf/h. The low-solvent printer’s eight-color ink set include two grays. When either are combined with black, the result is true monochrome images.

SwissQprint, formed by three former Zünd engineers, manufactures the Oryx UV flatbed printer. WP Digital AG distributes the printer in the U.S. At 99 inches wide, with an available roll-to-roll option, users can also print rigid materials larger than its 99x59.8-inch vacuum bed. 14 to 42 picoliter printheads mist ink to keep the jet nozzles constantly wet, allowing them to continue operating without any jet dropouts and improving the long-term life of the printhead. The printer creates output from 193 to 408 sf/h.

Teckwin International’s newest grand format printer is the TeckPro UV3200. This roll-to-roll printer prints up to 130 inches in width at production speeds of up 990 sf/h. The TeckPro UV3200 enables simultaneous printing on multiple rolls and true double-sided printing.

WP Digital AG’s Virtu RS UV printers—RS25 at 98 inches and RS35 at 137 inches—offer a "3 in 1" handling feature allowing true XY flatbed printing or hybrid style. For example, the Virtu RS prints a four- by eight-foot sheet without moving the material by shifting the beam over the material. A larger board, five by ten feet for example, will start printing in XY mode and then switch to hybrid mode moving the board through the printer with the belt transport. The Virtu RR50 printer is a five-meter roll-to-roll printer. It is capable of four- or six-color configurations with 36 printheads. There is an option for white ink as a spot color with a 48 printhead configuration.

For additional details on any of these printers, click on the image below and fill out the form to request information directly from the vendors.

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May2010, Digital Output
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