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Wrap Techniques Travel from Europe to Canada

Part 4 of 4

By Melissa Donovan

Carbon fiber and matte black wrapping of luxury cars is very popular in Europe—especially Germany and Switzerland. Rolf Brauer, president, Auto Haut Mode, a division of Eurografik, brought the fad to Canada. Brauer, with over 20 years experience in the aviation industry, started his business four years ago by offering decaling jobs ranging from helicopters to party supply vans.

As the company evolved, "we noticed a trend of unique car customization in Europe and thought of offering the service to customers in Vancouver, BC," notes Brauer. Auto Haut Mode, which translates to Car Skin Fashion, is a unique service offered to clients looking for an exclusive feel to their vehicle that sets them apart from the crowd, according to Brauer.

He did not realize how exclusive this wrapping technique was until his team started to search for the necessary materials. At the time, Brauer could only find a printable white wrap material, no solid colors. "We had witnessed white vinyl printed with solid black and laminated with matte, which did not meet our standards," he explains. Luckily, Brauer located Oracal USA through a Canadian sales manager and was able to procure Oracal Series 970RA Wrapping Cast in matte black.

Brauer has witnessed a $1.2 million Bugatti Veyron to a BMW X5 totally wrapped or "murdered" in matte black. "Murdered is the trend in which a vehicle is completely blacked out. The paint is wrapped in matte black finish. The grills, trim, and wheels are also changed to black. But, if the customer wishes to revert back to its original state, it can be done with relative ease," he explains. An added bonus, the media protects the original paint underneath.

Eurografik uses Oracal Series 970RA Wrapping Cast in matte black to murder most client cars. They recently worked on a completely white 2008 BMW X5 4.8—creating an entire matte black finish. To achieve a flawless outcome almost all of the exterior trim, logos, tail and headlights, and handles were removed.

"Our client was ecstatic with the end result. It was exactly how he imagined it. The project was very enjoyable since we transformed this vehicle completely," says Brauer.

Down the road, Auto Haut Mode hopes to utilize other Oracal finishes including carbon fiber and chrome on customer vehicles.

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Nov2009, Digital Output

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