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Unveiling the Latest Technology From EFI

The VUTEk QS2000 and EFI Fiery XF RIP

By DO Staff

In early June 2006, Digital Output received an invitation to a top-secret unveiling to announce EFI’s latest in grand format printing and workflow software. The private meeting was a three-day event where hundreds of digital sign shop customers and press members saw demonstrations of solvent and UV printers, participated in educational seminars, and experienced end-to-end solutions that demonstrate positive impacts on profitability.

Entering a World of No Compromises
The star attraction of the event was the VUTEk QS2000 printer. The newest addition to the EFI family has a distinctive look, varying from the boxy appearance of previous printers. The QS2000 has red endcaps and a rounded top. The printer’s distinctive look is not the only feature. Mike Wozny, product manager, explains, "with the QS2000 digital printer you no longer need to trade quality for productivity. You can get both." Central to the printer is the theme of "no compromising."

QS—standing for quality and speed—is purposefully featured in the name of the QS2000. The machine prints in six colors, with an additional channel for white, creating opportunities for new applications. With a resolution of up to 363x1080 dpi, EFI claims the machine offers the best image quality in production grand format printing and highest native resolution for a production device in grand format. The QS2000 uses UV-curable inks and can handle substrates of up to 80 inches in width and up to 1.75 inches in thickness. The beta units provide up to 800 square feet per hour at 540 dpi. It can also print on roll-to-roll and rigid materials.

Shops that purchase the QS2000 can expand output offerings, sell more premium quality product because it can produce more, and gain floor space because it is two products in one. The bottom line is that the QS2000 guarantees future workflow efficiency across an entire operation. The starting price of the QS2000 unit is $375,000.

Grand Format RIPs
The EFI Fiery XF RIP is uniquely produced to integrate with the QS2000 and EFI workflow. Bob Rause, VP of world wide marketing, believes that the Fiery XF RIP is the perfect example of, "EFI and VUTEk providing a single source for the industry’s most advanced line of grand format printers, inks, and integrated workflow software."

With both RIP and proofing capabilities, the Fiery XF is the first connection to the EFI software workflow suite. The product combines EFI and Bestcolor Technology’s software to deliver speed, high productivity, and exceptional color quality. EFI claims that, thanks to the high processing speed of the Fiery XF, you can increase your output.

Productivity is more effective because of several capabilities that the Fiery XF offers. The easy-to-use interface has a preview feature with sound zooming to simplify work. Nesting functions allow you to output a number of files together in one single job. Step & Repeat allows you to create multiple copies of an image. It also quickly generates patterns by deciding whether or not images should be repeated horizontally, vertically, or mirrored. Tiling divides documents into strips and allows you to individually print them, which means you can print images larger than the printer’s width.

Additionally, the EFI Fiery XF offers high color quality because of its ICC-based color management. Its advanced tools allow you to fine-tune the colors in a project and the adjustment features help you to achieve and meet customer’s expectations. With these features you can change settings such as color, brightness, and contrast.

Upholding a Vision
Since EFI’s acquisition of VUTEk in June 2005 they continue with a mission to provide significant competitive advantage to print shop owners and managers by offering leading printing products and software solutions. Together, they are helping the customer make their entire print operation as efficient as possible. Ghilad Dziesietnik, senior VP, echoes this vision, "EFI with VUTEk offers the market a unique end-to-end workflow solution, including the most innovative products in the super wide market with a commitment to environment friendly BioVu inks."

Sep2006, Digital Output

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