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Manufacturers Provide Protection with Laminate and Film

Part 2 of 2

By Cassandra Carnes

Protective coatings are essential for graphics created to withstand elements of every variety—graffiti, handprints, UV rays, and more. In part one of this series we discussed the key characteristics, differences, and uses of both liquid and film laminates. Here, we highlight popular brands and product lines from liquid coating and film overlaminate manufacturers.

Note, most overlaminates are only as good as the warranty, and the warranty of the media they are paired with. To ensure long-lasting, durable graphics, end user should adhere to the specifications as outlined by vendors or distributors.

3M Graphics Market Center provides a range of clear overlaminate films with a pressure-sensitive, permanent adhesive in a variety of gloss levels and performance characteristics. Additionally, the company provides liquid laminate products, including water-based 3M Piezo Inkjet Protective Clear 8530.

Advanced Greig Laminators, Inc. distributes a complete line of low-melt and pressure-sensitive overlaminates for all types of finishing applications.

Arlon, Inc. manufactures pressure-sensitive cast and calendered overlaminates. The company’s cast overlaminate products are Series 3200, an optically clear, 2-mil premium cast overlaminate; Series 3220, 2-mil premium cast gloss overlaminate; and Series 3230, a 2-mil premium cast matte overlaminate. Its calendered overlaminate products are the Series 3420, a 3-mil satin finished calendered overlaminate and Series 3350 anti-graffiti calendered overlaminate.

Avery Graphics provides a complete line of overlaminates in a wide range of finishes and sizes. Avery DOL 1360 Gloss, DOL 1370 Luster, and DOL 1380 Matte are 1.3-mil cast overlaminates that are ultra-conformable for curves, rivets, and corrugation. DOL 1060 Gloss and DOL 1080 Matte are 2.1-mil ultimate cast overlaminates with permanent adhesive that conform to flat surfaces with rivets, simple and compound curves, and offer a five year durability. DOL 2060 Gloss, DOL 2070 Luster, and DOL 2080 Matte are 3.1-mil high-performance calendered overlaminates with permanent adhesive that conform to flat surfaces and simple curves and provide a three year durability. DOL 3060 Gloss, DOL 3070 Luster, and DOL 3080 Matte are economical, 3.2-mil promotional calendered overlaminates with permanent adhesive and conformable to flat surfaces and simple curves with a two year durability. Specialty laminate, DOL 1560 Optically Clear, is used on perforated window graphic applications.

BullDog Digital Imaging Products, Inc. offers both water- and solvent-based liquid laminates designed for specific canvas formulas. BullDog AquaLam water-based liquid laminates are available in gloss, satin, or matte finishes in quarts, gallons, bulk drums, or aerosol spray cans. The company’s laminates are specifically designed for fine art and photo applications, providing museum archival protection against cracking, abrasion, and fading.

Clear Focus Imaging, Inc. offers two overlaminate films and a clear protective coating designed for use with its One Way Vision perforated window graphic and other manufacturers’ print media. ClearLam is a 1.5-mil, optically clear, polyester overlaminate designed for use on flat surfaces. CurvaLam is a 3-mil, optically clear, cast polyvinyl chloride overlaminate for flat or simple-curved surfaces. PerfxCoat is an optically clear protective coating.

Clearstar LP manufactures a wide range of UV-curable and water- and solvent-based liquid laminates. The company produces specific formulations for vehicle graphics, fine art, banners, truck side protection, and rigid sign and graphic protection. Clearstar products are available through a network of over 250 dealers in more than 50 countries.

D&K Group Inc.’s pressure-sensitive overlaminates are designed to run even and smooth to enhance finished graphics. The company provides pressure-sensitive products that include UV polyester gloss; UV vinyl luster, matte, textured, sandex, canvas, and gloss; polycarbonate; and UV hardcoat gloss.

DreamScape manufactures its DreamGuard Protex3 liquid laminate to protect solvent-printed textured vinyl wallcoverings. DreamGuard is applied easily with a paint roller before or after installation. It can also be applied with a liquid laminator. The laminate is a non-hazardous, water-based liquid with low in volatile organic compounds.

Drytac Corporation offers a wide range of pressure-sensitive overlaminate films to provide protection from moisture, fingerprints, dust, and other contaminants. Choose from Protac, which uses a solvent-based adhesive and is available in a vast range of finishes; Interlam Pro, an aqueous acrylic adhesive; Interlam Eco, an environmentally friendly line of overlaminates; Interlam Bio, fully biodegradable after use; and WeatherShield, a cast PVC overlaminate for vehicle wraps.

FDC Graphic Films supplies pressure-sensitive overlaminate films for wide format graphics through distributors. The company’s films are laminated using many popular cold or heat assist laminators.

FLEXcon manufactures overlaminates to protect and enhance wide format digital output. The company’s JETbond 44138 and 43138 are 3.5-mil luster calendered vinyl overlaminates with UV-resistant adhesive for outdoor and in-store applications. FLEXmark OV 600 Frosty Clear Safari V-29 71B PMO-8 is a 6-mil safari-embossed calendered vinyl overlaminate for floors, counters, table tops, shelves, displays, and other in-store applications. Other specially embossed overlaminates from the FLEXmark line include FLEXmark OV 650 R Clear Velvet V-29 71B PMO-8, a 6.5-mil velvet and FLEXmark OV 400 H Clear V-29 100 Poly H-9, a 4-mil clear gloss.

GBC offers a wide range of thermal and pressure-sensitive films and mounting adhesives. Films come in a variety of finishes from gloss, luster, and matte to various textures such as canvas, textured satin, and embossed. The company also provides films for specialty applications such as floor, window, and trade show graphics.

Hexis S.A. manufactures overlaminates to match Hexis digital printing media, including PC30 cast overlaminate for vehicle wraps, available in gloss, matte, and super-matte; PC50 cast optically clear overlaminate for micro-perforated window films; PSPOP strong overlaminate for pop-up displays; GSOL heavy overlaminate, featuring a grained surface for floor graphics; V750 high-performance laminate; V700 intermediate laminate; and V650 promotional laminate. All three products in the V series are available in gloss and matte finishes.

LexJet Corporation manufacturers a range of overlaminate products, including vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate, co-extruded or blended plastics, and polypropylenes. PreLume is a pressure-sensitive overlaminate and available in luster, velvet, and textured finishes. The company guarantees its solutions against tunneling or delaminating.

MACtac Graphic Products offers is PERMACOLOR laminating films, including the PERMACOLOR PermaFlex high-performance textured overlaminates for trade show, floor, and rollable graphics; PERMACOLOR PermaGard high-performance overlaminates for premium image protection; PERMACOLOR PrintCover PC7000 series for economical protection of printed graphics; PERMACOLOR ColorGard CG8000 series vinyl overlaminates for everyday applications in gloss, luster, and matte finishes; PERMACOLOR RAYZor cast laminates for vehicle and other wrap applications in gloss and matte finishes; and Enhancers cast vinyl laminates add sparkle to wrapped and flat applications.

Neschen Americas SEAL brand provides a variety of overlaminate products, including heat-activated, heat-set, and pressure-sensitive films. The brand’s heat-activated products include the SEAL JetGuard family of low-temperature films with UV protection and SEAL TheraShield heat-activated overlaminates, a range of films that provide protection, enhancement capabilities, and add rigidity. SEAL’s heat-set products include its Print Guard and Floor Guard lines. For pressure-sensitive overlaminate films, SEAL provides its Print Shield and SEAL Write lines.

Oracal USA offers its ORAGUARD line of laminating films for media and graphic protection. For example, the company’s ORAGUARD 240 ant-graffiti laminating film is ultra-thin at 1-mil and offers an UV protection extension factor of five years. The media protects against markers and spray paint.

R Tape provides a variety of overlaminate films in its Eclypse line. The Eclypse PVC films are 3.2-mil UV-resistant calendered vinyl and enhance colors with UV protection. The films are available in gloss, luster, satin, and matte finished rolls in 38-, 51-, 54-, and 61-inch widths. The polyester films are ideal for a photographic, high-gloss finish. The films are available in roll widths of 38, 51, and 54 inches.

Ritrama, Inc. is a manufacturer of cold overlaminates. They provide gloss, luster, and matte cast and calendered vinyl overlaminates. The company also offers a full line of 1- to 3-mil polyester and polypropylene gloss overlaminates.

Media Value
Regardless of the process and chemical make-up, protective coatings add value to graphics. Whether the goal is for longevity, visual enhancements, or practical elements such as slip guard or ease of installation, there is a well-suited product to fit the application.

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