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Inkjet International Relies on a Broad HP Portfolio

By Melissa Donovan

Established in 1995, Inkjet International offers large, grand, and superwide format printing solutions that focus on the use of environmentally friendly UV and latex ink. The Dallas, TX-based print shop is proud of its relationship with Hewlett-Packard (HP), which truly began in 2007 with HP’s purchase of Nur. Today, Inkjet International has an arsenal of printers from the printer manufacturer’s portfolio.

"We have prospered through our relationship with HP. The company has grown its knowledge of technology with acquisitions and customer feedback. They are quick to listen and proactive in bringing technology and service solutions that generate loyalty and performance," shares Alok Sarna, VP, Inkjet International.

The 40,000 square foot shop holds two HP Designjet 5300s, a HP Scitex TJ8300, and a HP Scitex FB6100—all of which run with HP inks. A variety of applications are produced with the printers, including out-of-home projects, transit, POP, and more.

According to Sarna, HP has a systematic, organized approach to customer service—which they continue to improve. The quick response of experienced technicians to update, upgrade, and repair machines onsite continues to build his confidence in HP’s ability to understand what an end user needs post-purchase.

Inkjet International most recently added an HP Designjet L65500 to its line up. The printer utilizes HP Latex Technology, water-based ink that give off low amounts of volatile organic compounds and are odorless. Installed on February 15, 2010, the purchase was propelled from a company-wide sustainability initiative. "The purchase of the printer was prompted by the acknowledgement of our desire to firmly plant ourselves as an environmentally friendly producer of indoor and outdoor graphics applications," explains Sarna.

As a nationwide provider of digitally printed signage, the company serves agencies, media companies, print shops, and corporate brands. All of which look for a range of applications from branding to specialized, high-end projects. To expand more heavily into the décor business, Inkjet International relies on the HP Designjet L65500 for its many value-added features.

Office Décor
e3 Partners Ministry recently moved into new offices at the Hope Center in Plano, TX. Looking for something different than the average framed picture to complement walls, the ministry turned to Inkjet International for an inspiring and unique method to display artwork.

"We wanted to create a warm environment that represented who we are in an artistic, yet clean line way. Inkjet International helped leverage this by introducing us to various materials and hanging solutions," says John Humphrey, director of communication, e3.

Goals included artwork that would last a long time, wouldn’t show wear and tear, and could be changed out as needed. In response, InkJet International created over 30 pieces of PVC artwork and three vinyl banners. The entire process took ten days—three for design, five to print, and two for installation.

To get the clean look the ministry sought, Inkjet International recommended standoffs to showcase the artwork on the wall. The installation of the standoffs was one of the few challenges encountered throughout the entire project. When the company drilled the holes originally, they were the wrong size, and needed to be redone.

Although initial work was not produced on the HP Designjet L65500, going forward most décor for e3 uses the eco-friendly printer. According to Humphrey in relation to output from the latex printer, the prints have no odor and resolution is extremely clear.

e3 is ecstatic with the end result and is already considering a second phase of decorating. In addition, several of the ministry’s board members are looking into the same practice to redecorate their own offices.

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Mar2010, Digital Output

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