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Our newest online exclusive series focuses on digital finishing. Do More with Less discusses the benefits of instituting a versatile finishing device in your print shop. Saving space, time, and money are just a few reasons to consider a digital or semi-automatic device today.  Follow Digital Output on Twitter, @DO_Magazine for timely announcements.

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[ Volume XI Issue 49 ]   [ December 11, 2009 ]

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Producing Big Print

The large format outdoor graphics market holds strong despite economic constraints. As other forms of advertising faltered, marketers turned to a selective, targeted, and impacting means to convey messages. And in bustling urban regions, nothing attracts more attention than stunning building sized... more >>

Inks for Flatbeds
Flatbed printers bring new opportunity to print shops, allowing them to print innovative graphics directly to rigid materials such as plastic, foamboard, metal, tile, and glass. Hybrid options provide the opportunity to print on roll material for posters and vehicle wraps. As technology advances, more print providers turn to flatbeds that utilize UV technology. According to I.T. Strategiesí 2009 forecast, UV ink is a growing technology segment, with revenues expected to increase from $1.6 billion in 2008 to $3.2 billion by 2013... more >>

 industry news  > Capture  > Creation  > Output  > Finishing  

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