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A New Age in Branding is the final part in our online series on wallcoverings. Read about Chicago, IL-based Andrés Imaging & Graphics, Inc., who is bringing corporate branding to a new level with their innovative projects. Look for a feature article on wallcoverings in our August print issue.

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[ Volume XI Issue 30 ]   [ July 31, 2009 ]

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A New Age in Branding
Chicago, IL-based Andrés Imaging & Graphics, Inc. began producing digital wallcoverings in the early 1990s using an electrostatic four-color print process on canvas media. Evolving with the industry, the shop soon started using solvent ink on artist canvas. After 35 years in business, the company continues to adopt and excel at wallcoverings as well other applications thanks to advancements in UV technology and media composition... more >> 


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Value Fabrics
3P's Value Fabric line is universal for direct sublimation and UV-curable printing.

Accent Mount Board
Artgrafix's accent mount boards with stylish laminate edges create an impressive gallery look over unprotected, visible foam sides.

Recession Sale
MEM Imaging is now offering 13 oz gloss banner and photo quality media.

The Starter Pack
Pacific Coast Fabrics' Starter Pack includes specially priced fabrics for first time customers.

Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl
Ritrama offers a host of products for visual communications including pressure-sensitive vinyl, polyesters, mounting films, and more.


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Essential Efficiency
Businesses are constantly looking for effective ways to present messages to consumers. Simultaneously, sign companies actively search for more products to offer. Digital wallcoverings answer both of these needs, shares Chuck Bules, technical service manager, Arlon, Inc. Recent developments in adhesive-backed media open the door for many print shops looking to expand into the interior... more >>

Wall to Wall Advancements
Wallcovering media underwent many developments throughout the last ten years. Original products, still widely in use today, require wallpaper pastes to be applied directly to the media prior to installation, similar to traditional wallpaper. This type of media can be printed on digitally, but the application process takes an extended amount of time due to the limited repositioning of the media once the glue is adhered. Many print service providers (PSPs) outsource installation, which becomes... more >>

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