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Digital Wallcoverings Save Time

Part 1 of 4

By Melissa Donovan

Businesses are constantly looking for effective ways to present messages to consumers. Simultaneously, sign companies actively search for more products to offer. Digital wallcoverings answer both of these needs, shares Chuck Bules, technical service manager, Arlon, Inc.

Recent developments in adhesive-backed media open the door for many print shops looking to expand into the interior decorating space. Traditional wallcovering media is installed using a paste, creating challenges in removability and reusability. Today’s newest products provide ease-of-use, eliminating the need to hire an outside installation team.

Astounding Benefits
"To begin with, digitally printed wallcoverings offer the ability to use retail and commercial wall space at a fraction of the cost of producing semi-permanent displays. The graphic elements, marketing messages, and thematic treatments can easily and inexpensively be changed to facilitate new promotions, seasonal treatments, or a new look," explains John D. Peterman, executive VP, Big Systems, LLC.

Ritrama Inc.’s Robert Rundle agrees. Citing short-term projects such as highlighting a special sale, holiday promotion, or product launch as ideal candidates for wallcoverings. Or, for a more permanent look, retailers may utilize media to completely change the entire look and feel of a store.

"Two of the most prominent factors pushing digital wallcoverings are speed to market and reduced inventory. Today’s digitally printed wallcoverings are designed, printed, and installed extremely fast. Print service providers (PSPs) keep less in-stock by designing patterns instead of ordering a roll with a pattern that may sit for extended periods in inventory," says John Coyne, sales manager, Lintec of America.

Less inventory means less waste. Many consumers are looking to go "green" in their homes and workplaces by instituting leaner warehouses. Other environmentally—and wallet—friendly reasons include refurbishment instead of starting from scratch.

"Brand owners, designers, and architects are looking for creative, low-cost solutions to create or enhance brand experience. Economic challenges force many to focus on reuse and modernization programs," admit Jeff Bradley, global business development manager and Robyn Strauss, interior solutions business development manager, 3M Graphics Market Center. Wallcoverings are an easy way to modernize a space without remodeling from the ground up.

Real Life Model
Many of Lancaster, PA-based Advanced Sign & Graphics’ customers request wallcoverings because the large graphics are versatile and cost-efficient. Powertrain Gym originally utilized the 1,500 square foot shop to create a complicated application involving different dimensions and mounting procedures. Bill Felter, production manager, Advanced Sign & Graphics suggested wallcoverings instead, citing their reusability and affordability.

Printed with an Epson Stylus Pro 9800 on Photo Tex media from LexJet, the gym now displays three wall murals—one at 40 feet across and two smaller eight- by 14-feet graphics—and 100 feet of border material. The entire installation took all of six hours, including the border.

Coming Up
Advanced Sign & Graphics’ project for Powertrain Gym is a perfect example of wallcovering graphics’ efficiency. Both installation and printing take no time at all. Next week read about the physical advancements of wallcovering media that play a part in creating this timesaving application.

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Jul2009, Digital Output

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