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Part 2 of 2

By Kim Crowley

Discussing banner stands with manufacturers provides insight into the logistics of display construction. Learning from those directly involved, whether it be customers or distributors is equally important. Here, a winery in CA shares a successful marketing endeavor. Also, banner stand resellers discuss selection and customer interest.

Marketing a Good Year
Merryvale Vineyards is a family-owned winery in St. Helena, in the heart of CA’s Napa Valley. Merryvale’s historic building was the first winery built in Napa Valley after a repeal of prohibition in 1933.

Marketing Merryvale properly is important to the winery. "Merryvale Vineyards is a Napa Valley winery dedicated to making world class wine," states Christopher O’Gorman, director of communications, Merryvale Vineyards. The company wanted to create banners to promote the winery at shows targeting both the trade and consumers, while staying true to the history and quality of Merryvale.

"Because we are a luxury wine brand, the look of the finished product was by far the most important issue," says O’Gorman. "We really wanted the banner to pop when displayed at a show with hundreds of other wineries. Functionality and durability were the next most important concerns."

Impact Displays’ Web site and staff helped O’Gorman choose the right banners. "I liked the professionalism of the Impact Display Team and its Web site. A Web site that is relatively up to date is often an indicator of a good company. I also like working with people that enjoy and appreciate wine," says O’Gorman.

Merryvale worked together with Impact Displays to utilize iconic photography and designs already available. Then, they attached the graphics to Impact Deluxe retractable banner stands in 33- and 39-inch widths. The Impact Deluxe Retractable banner stands have a silver finish and include a heavy-duty carry bag. Impact Displays offers a special package price of $390 for a 33-inch stand with a printed graphic, and $430 for a 39-inch stand with graphic.

Installation is, "extremely easy," notes O’Gorman. "Monkeys can set up our banner." He recently displayed one of the banners at a tennis tournament sponsored by Merryvale. He goes on to rate Impact Displays as, "top notch," and is already recommending them to friends.

Exhibit Success
Patricia Heineman, owner, ShowCase Exhibits opened her Manassas, VA showroom in 1994. The company’s products and services include portable and full size tabletop exhibits, imprinted table throws, banner systems, literature holders, graphic design, booth layout, file archiving, and display rental.

ShowCase is based on a principle of helping customers achieve success at a glance. Heineman notes, "At ShowCase, we offer full service exhibit solutions from need determination, to consultation through design process to the production of high-quality graphics, banner stands, and displays."

In addition to a few other brands, ShowCase distributes Magicpak banner stands from EXPOGO!. "The lightweight EXPOGO! banner systems are of superior construction with an extruded aluminum shell and interior rolling mechanism, they are extremely low maintenance."
Set up of the banner stands is easy. "You do not have to be tall or strong," states Heineman. "You unfold the tension pole, attach it to the base, and pull up the banner like a screen and hook it onto the top of the pole."

Heineman says that clients love the portability of banner stands. "A single EXPOGO! Magicpak travels in its own molded case, and only weighs 12 pounds. Four complete banner systems fit in one molded cylindrical case. Our clients find the lightweight Magicpak easy and economical to ship."

Banner stands can also effectively serve as a display backdrop, notes Heineman. "Three displays placed side by side will create a complete graphic back wall." Independent Community Bankers of America, a ShowCase Exhibit client, placed three individual banners apart in a bank lobby and then placed them side by side in a ten-foot show booth. "They look good apart and look great together," says Heineman.

Meeting Customer Needs
Outdoor Sign Supply Inc. of San Antonio, TX, opened in 2003. In addition to being a wholesale supplier of display stands, the company also offers digital printing materials and supplies, and product manufacture outsourcing services.

Todd Swift, sales manager, Outdoor Sign Supply Inc., says that customers look for are affordability, performance, ease of use, and attractiveness in banner stands. It is important that Outdoor Sign Supply meet all these needs and the stands offered do so as well. "We are able to do this by selecting the best manufacturers based on both price and quality," says Swift.

"We have customers all across North America that use a wide variety of our stands. Trade show and POP displays are the most popular uses," shares Swift.

Outdoor Sign Supply carries stands that are aluminum and are primarily manufactured overseas. "Our large line of display stands provide customers with the chance to offer great products to their customers at a competitive price," adds Swift.

While the company does offer customized display stands, they can usually find a ready-made stand that will fit a customer’s specifications.

Swift says there are some display stands which require a bit of assembly, but his company offers printed instructions and, if necessary, hands-on demonstration. Swift provides some installation pointers. "Take your time and make sure the proper steps are taken. Retractable stands need to have the print attached before the pin is pulled, we make sure to warn customers of this as it can cause damage to the stand and is difficult to fix."

From manufacturers to distributors, resellers to end users, anyone can find success with banner stands. Look for a full article, featuring a banner stand product roundup, in the October issue of Digital Output.

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Aug2008, Digital Output

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