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Installation Tips and Tricks

Insight from Banner Stand Experts

Part 1 of 2

By Kim Crowley

Banner stands are a quick, easy, and affordable way to display printed graphics. Print shop owners looking to supplement existing services might turn to banner stands as a value-add.

Many manufacturers and distributors say that banner stands are easy to install. Some stands do however require a bit of finesse when setting up to avoid damaging the printed media. Before the installation, substrate choice is important, notes Camillia Mankovich, VP, marketing, LexJet Corporation. "Choose dimensionally stable products that are opaque and do not curl. Vinyl banners will curl. Stick to blockout polyesters, polypropylenes, or polyester fabrics. Avoid laminating if you can. Different film types married together usually invite curl," she recommends.

Installing graphics within the stand is a major concern for a printer. "What differentiates banner stands is how easy it is to load the graphic," explains Jerry Hill, VP, sales, Drytac Corporation.

The physical assembly of the banner stand itself is for the novice user. "Testrite doesn’t manufacture stands that take more than five minutes to assemble," says Larry Rubin, president, Testrite Visual Products, Inc. "We try to engineer the stands so even I can set them up," he jokes.

Bob Holland, marketing manager, Standzall Display Systems, a division of Fandango Special Events, Inc., says it is not difficult to install Standzall stands. "One person can easily stand a graphic panel in a pair of stands. We recommend sandbagging the backs of the stands in high traffic areas, breezy areas, or if the display item is made of heavier material, such as wood."

"Banner products are so simple that there’s not much to share by way of installation," adds Mike Weimar, president, Impact Displays. "The one tip I can think of that’s helpful with retractable banners is to first place the support poll into the unit, and then lean it back before pulling out the banner. This makes it easy to latch the top of the support pole into the top of the banner without standing on your tiptoes or on a chair." 

Tex Visions LLC is proud of their products’ ease of use, thanks to a set up that takes approximately two minutes or less. "Most of the time, the print is installed by our company before being shipped to the customer," states Ashley Werner, marketing manager, Tex Visions LLC. "This allows the customer to grab the product and go." She adds, "We develop instruction sheets for our products. This ensures that set up is easy for the customer."

Special care should be exercised during disassembly and shipping. Retractable stands with fabric may fray at the edges or paper may tear if a banner is retracted at an odd angle. Once you take down a display, you can’t rely on your shipping provider to treat your investment with kid gloves, so a proper carton and cushioning is necessary.

EXPOGO!’s most popular banner stand, Magicpak, is offered with a molded shipping case to prevent damage in transit.

Gary Survis, principal, First Trade Show agrees that proper packaging for shipping is essential. The Company’s online business, Go Green Displays takes product installation photos and provides custom instructions on how to ship. "Generally anything that is used in trade shows—from a pop up display to custom booths—the damage occurs most often in shipping," notes Survis. "If someone doesn’t pack it up properly they can’t expect that whoever picks it up is going to handle it gingerly. It’s important that we educate on how to pack as well as set up."

Patricia Heineman, owner, ShowCase Exhibits, offers some closing tips. "Never expose any plastic substrate graphic product to prolonged or high heat. Do not leave for hours in a car or truck in 90-plus temperature. Do not ship banner stands in the bag only. That is how endcaps and roller mechanisms get damaged or destroyed."

These may be a lot of tips to remember, but the outcome will be profitable. The time it takes to learn how to properly install a banner is the equivalent of the amount of time it takes to earn money when offering banner stands. Next week, read about end users and resellers’ banner stand experiences.

Aug2008, Digital Output

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