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This week's Digital Queue includes Coping With Color, the second part of our color management series. Hear from shops that have successfully incorporated color managment and what products they rely on. Look for a full feature article on the topic in an upcoming issue of Digital Output.


[ Volume IX Issue 46 ]   [ November 30, 2007 ]

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Coping With Color    
Printing may be one of the "great elements of modern civilization" as the Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle once observed, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Perhaps the toughest element in this process is color management. In an environment where time is money and margins are tight, getting a job done right the first time is critical. That means color is critical...more >>  
Right: Xrite's i1 technology


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Novel Alternatives
While digital printing has garnered an understandable share of enthusiasm and interest in the sign industry, traditional techniques and new signage applications are quietly flourishing under the radar. Digital prints have made tremendous strides in longevity and outdoor durability, but many feel they do not offer the permanence of engraved materials. "There are some applications, like outdoor office and corporate signs, that just can't be done digitally...more >>

Reflecting Success in Rhode Island
In a digital age were standing out from a crowd can be challenging, flatbed printing on rigid substrates helps give you that edge. Owning a flatbed printer doubles your service options. You can print on an odd arrangement of substrates, including, but not limited to, glass, metal, cardboard, plastic, and wood. Judy Wilson, president, Renaissance Creative Imaging, certainly learned this when she purchased her EFI/VUTEk PressVu 200/600 UV flatbed printer three years ago...more>>

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