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This week's Digital Queue includes Conducting the Wrap , the third part of our building wrap series. Here, we discuss the various components of creating and installing wraps. Look for a full feature article on the topic in an upcoming issue of Digital Output.    

[ Volume IX Issue 42 ]   [ October 26, 2007 ]

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Conducting the Wrap 
Successfully executing a building wrap project is a little bit like conducting a symphony orchestra. With so many players involved, everyone needs to be reading off the same sheet of music, at the same time, to make beautiful music. That's probably why so many conductors have such crazed hair and wild eyes. Printers may be better groomed, but the pace of a building wrap project is no less frenetic and the coordination no less complex...more >>  


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Making Point of Sale POP
While other advertising and marketing industries are suffering in a tumultuous economy, large format print-particularly, point-of-purchase (POP) signage-continues to thrive. As marketers determine how best to distinguish their products at the point of sale, print suppliers are investing in digital technologies that enable more than just better, faster, and cheaper print; they're buying hybrid and true flatbed machines capable of fulfilling their customers' lofty visions...more >>

Making an Impression
Colors that pop, a glossy container, hip design, gotta-have-it promises...Many people admit an eye-catching package is what their purchases are based on, rather than an informed buy. This consumer behavior makes it imperative for packaging and labels to be designed and produced with a seasoned marketer's eye. With this in mind, high-speed digital printing presses are adopted more in the label industry for their color output and ability to handle a variety of substrates...more>>

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