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This week's Digital Queue includes Invest for Success, the first part of our building wrap series. Here, we discuss the investments needed to enter the building wrap market. Look for a full feature article on vehicle wraps in an upcoming issue of Digital Output.  

[ Volume IX Issue 40 ]   [ October 12, 2007 ]

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Invest for Success 
To hear print providers tell it, producing building wraps is a lot like climbing a mountain. You don't start out on Everest. That would almost certainly be fatal. Instead, you begin by struggling up the small hills before working your way up to the pinnacle.

"Building wraps are not something you start out doing when you invest in grand format printing," says Tom Wilhelm, president, GP Color & Imaging Group. "But it's something ...more >>


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Celebrate Being Small
Many of the small print businesses we know are the most creative marketers in the world. They celebrate being small by focusing on the inherent advantages they have due to their size and maneuverability-such as quick decision making, grassroots marketing, and a very personal sales approach. They can quickly size up a customer's needs and provide innovative approaches to fulfilling them, or find unique niche products that nobody else locally has thought to provide. By using these attributes to advantage, your print business can thrive when competing with, or doing business with, a much larger...more >>

Making an Impression
Colors that pop, a glossy container, hip design, gotta-have-it promises...Many people admit an eye-catching package is what their purchases are based on, rather than an informed buy. This consumer behavior makes it imperative for packaging and labels to be designed and produced with a seasoned marketer's eye. With this in mind, high-speed digital printing presses are adopted more in the label industry for their color output and ability to handle a variety of substrates...more>>

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