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This week's Digital Queue includes Capturing the Consumer, the sixth and final part of our fabric signage series. Here, we discuss a shop that has added textile printing to its line of services. Hear directly from the shop about what type of signage they produce and what they recommend. Look for a full feature article on the topic in an upcoming issue of Digital Output. 


[ Volume IX Issue 35 ]   [ September 7, 2007 ]

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Capturing the Consumer 
Many retailers realize how attractive fabric signage is to the human eye-the lack of glare, its soft feel. Thomas Poetz, director of marketing and product development, 3P Textiles, believes it is because fabric is something we can relate to, "Textiles are products that have a general positive image. People have this positive idea of fabric because we all wear it. It makes us comfortable, even in our own homes-we have curtains, cushions, and couches. This is the point of advertising ...more >>   


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Contract Negotiations
In the sales process, whether we're looking to sell print to a print buyer, sell capital equipment to a printer, or negotiate a partnership agreement to sell to another company, coming to the final agreement generally results from a negotiation. As we have recently been involved in a major re-negotiation of a partnership between two manufacturers, it really got us to think about what a negotiation is, and how it should best be handled...more >>

Location, Location, Location
"Key West is a special place. A kind of melting pot of the crazy, the carefree, the very wealthy, and tons of artists; a place where pretty much any kind of artistic expression is allowed as long as you're not breaking any laws," notes professional photographer Alan Kennish...more>>

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