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ColorGATE - 3/11/2014

ColorGATE is Presenting New Solutions for Industrial Printing

ColorGATE will be introducing its CG SmartControl IP OS - IP OS stands for Industrial Printing Operating System – at the InPrint 2014. The term Operating 
System refers to the wide control functions of CG SmartControl IP OS, which are covering all important system functions starting with, print data 
management and the data transmission to the print head controllers, the control of the ink supply system and the maintenance functions, right through 
to the monitoring of the motion systems via interfaces to all leading PLC´s. 

The core applications of CG SmartControl IP OS are CG SmartControl Server and CG SmartControl Touch. Basically, the main task of CG SmartControl 
Server is the in time print data preparation and transmission to the inkjet print heads. Currently print heads of the following manufacturers are supported:
Fujifilm Dimatix, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, Seiko and Xaar, as well as the controllers of all leading firms.

Via CG SmartControl Touch individual human machine interfaces (hmi) can be realized, which are typically controlled by the print-operator via touch screen. 
CG SmartControl Touch triggers all relevant parameters for the used application within the printing system. This contains machine control for the 
system preparation with functions such as nozzle control and cleaning and management options for positioning and prioritization of print jobs. 
Furthermore, CG SmartControl Touch is monitoring all connected sub systems for example, the ink supply system, PLC´s for transport and motions 
control as well as connected drying units (UV or IR).
ColorGATE´s core product Productionserver 8 (PS 8) will be shown in the PS8 Industrial Printing Edition, at InPrint 2014. By the connection of 
premium components Productionserver is able to deliver constant color reproduction results by meeting maximal productivity demands. The latest 
Adobe PDF Print Engine 3 is the center piece of the Productionserver for the surprise-free and fast production for graphically-rich content. 
PS8 Industrial Printing Edition stands out by its excellent color management for consistent color reproduction, proof functionality and the generic Industrial 
Inkjet driver. This driver is configurable to support all industrial printing systems and applications. It outputs halftone data (1bit or multilevel) for almost all 
color models and resolutions used in common file formats (TIFF, BMP, JPEG). The included Profiler Suite (PFS) allows creating color accurate print data 
for the Productionserver from established graphic documents (PDF, PS, TIFF, JPEG etc.). The PS8 Industrial Printing Edition contains all features to 
test and trial industrial printing systems right from the beginning of their development, in terms print quality expectations. Even output quality effects of 
alternative ink set usage are retrievable at an early testing stage with PS8 Industrial Inkjet Edition. A flawed prepress workflow or inaccurate print 
data preparation within the printing system which are causing print quality limitations can be ruled out by using PS8 Industrial Printing Edition and 
moreover time and cost consuming troubleshooting processes can be significantly shortened.
Furthermore, ColorGATE is presenting new services called Custom Solutions developed for manufacturers and OEM´s of industrial inkjet systems, 
offering knowledge transfer, consulting and color-centric project attendance.
The common objective of all mentioned offerings is to flexibly fast-track the development process of industrial printing projects until they become 
market-ready and to offer support after the completion. Project decision-makers can benefit from ColorGATE´s practical experience and the wide 
contacts in the Industrial Printing sector.

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