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MACtac - 3/6/2014

MACtac Distributor Products Introduces PERMACOLOR Gemini XT

MACtac® Distributor Products introduces the latest in mounting film technology for high-performance adhesives. The new PERMACOLOR® Gemini XT™ 
has high tack and peel adhesion as well as high cohesive strength for a quick, strong bond to a variety of mounting surfaces, available in clear and 
opaque finishes. 

"MACtac has long been a leader in the mounting films industry and to continue with our commitment to deliver affordable and high-quality products, we 
created PERMACOLOR Gemini XT," said Jason Yard, marketing manager, MACtac Distributor Products. "It performs as well as any of our high-
performance mounting adhesives but is competitively priced and designed to deliver our customers with a consistent and affordable product every time." 

PERMACOLOR Gemini XT PP5000 consists of a thin, white polypropylene film coated on both sides with an aggressive rubber-based, pressure-
sensitive adhesive. PERMACOLOR Gemini XT PP5600 consists of a thin, clear polyester film coated on both sides with a clear rubber-based, pressure-
sensitive adhesive. PERMACOLOR Gemini XT is self-wound and includes one moisture stable liner to protect the adhesive.

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