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Roland DGA Corporation - 11/12/2013

New Roland White Paper How UV LED Inkjet Technology is Increasing Profits for Flexographic Printers Now Available

Digital printing leader Roland DGA has published an informative new white paper, “How UV LED Inkjet Technology is Increasing Profits for 
Flexographic Printers,” a comprehensive 12-page report detailing the advantages of these advanced, innovative devices and the ways they are 
revolutionizing the pre-press process. 

Roland’s white paper presents expert analysis and user case studies to explain the specific benefits UV digital printers offer. Until recently, creating 
realistic package prototypes on actual press substrates has been a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process. The availability of cutting-edge 
UV LED printers is changing all that, making the production of prototypes that look just like the final product easier, faster and more-cost-effective 
than ever before.   

According to Hiroshi Ono, Roland DGA’s UV group product manager, this white paper is a “must-read” for flexo printers or any commercial printer 
seeking to dramatically improve and expand their prototyping capabilities. “The paper clearly illustrates how companies can bring UV digital printing 
in-house to produce package prototypes that look just like the finished product quickly and affordably, said Ono. “It also provides real-world examples 
of businesses that have been successful in creating new profit centers and attracting new clients by integrating digital UV printing technology into 
their current workflow.”

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